Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii Essay

Alaska and Hawaii are known as popular tourer finishs during summer vacation. Both Alaska and Hawaii offer their tourers a pleasance experience during their stay at that place. However. there are several similarities and differences between Hawaii and Alaska. The first similarity is about the environment in both states. In Alaska. the ocean and rivers are uncontaminated. Similarly. the ocean environing Hawaii is clean and even the rivers there are besides uncontaminated. Furthermore. the air in both Alaska and Hawaii are pure and clear.

That is why. there is no air pollution in both Alaska and Hawaii. So. the tourers who spend their times in both states can bask the fresh air. The 2nd similarity is the natural beauty that both states offer to its tourers. For case. in Alaska. there are Chugach Mountains and Mount McKinley. the highest mountain in North America and there are besides the awesome glaciers which can pull tourists’ attending. Similarly. in Hawaii there are Volcano National Park.

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Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii
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Waimea Canyon and the beautiful beaches which are really celebrated in the universe. Besides the similarities. there are besides some differences between Alaska and Hawaii.

The adjustments. transits. and clime are the differences that both Alaska and Hawaii have. The first differences is refering the adjustments like the eating houses and hotels. In Alaska. the quality of the nutrient is hapless but. the cost is expensive. Even the hotels there are besides expensive and their quality is by and large hapless. While in Hawaii. there are a broad assortment of first-class eating houses and first-class hotels from luxury to budget monetary value. Therefore. tourers who decided to pass their vacation in Hawaii do non necessitate to worry approximately where to eat and to remain while they spend their clip at that place. Another difference is about the transit that both Alaska and Hawaii offered to their tourers. In Alaska. most people travel at that place by sail ship and even when they are already in Alaska. it is impractical to lease a auto because the distances between one topographic point and another are excessively great. In contrast with Hawaii. most people fly at that place by elephantine jet. Even the rental autos are inexpensive and convenient in Hawaii. The last difference is about the clime in Alaska and Hawaii. Each of those topographic points have their ain typical clime. For case. during the summer in Alaska. the temperature is perfect. and there is no humidness because it rarely rains.

On the other manus. during the summer in Hawaii. it can be really hot and awfully humid because it frequently rains at that place. In decision. eventhough both Alaska and Hawaii have some similarities in respects to the environment and the natural beauty. but there are besides some differences like the adjustments. transit and the clime. Therefore. for the recommendation of summer vacation finish topographic point. Hawaii is better than Alaska. Because. eventhough sometimes the conditions can be unpredictable. but the fact that the accomodations like hotels and eating houses every bit good as the transit are really easy to entree. tourers do non necessitate to worry abou those kind of things and they can bask their summer vacation in Hawaii.

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