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Computer coursework

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Computer Systems: An Introduction

Many organizations believe that the computer is the most significant invention the human race has ever produced. This technology has already revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. Since the technology’s development in the late 20th century (Tanenbaum 2003), computer systems have been integrated to almost all aspects of the organization. In terms of business management and operations, computers have proven benefits that companies can take advantage of.

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With such facilities, transmission of data and documents within company departments are faster, more efficient, and most importantly, very secure.

A single document can be sent from an office to another company branch or department in seconds, as compared to manual delivery, which can take hours, or even days to reach its target destination. Additionally, it is much easier to file documents in electronic forms. Although there are some disadvantages that can be considered in keeping intangible copies of documents, the benefits readily outweigh such concerns since modern computers today can easily do back up file procedures which ensure the safety of organizational data.

A Brief Background

In order to see the influence of computers in a specific human domain, the management and operations principle of companies will be discussed. Basically, almost all, if not, all companies in the world today are using computer systems in a wide range of procedural purposes. The main advantage that can be clearly seen is that a computer can deliberately reduce costs, time and effort, resources which are highly vital to an organization, and eventually results to profitability in a larger scale (Peterson and Davie 2007). Through computers, paper works have been greatly reduced, making employees become more productive than ever. They can now do more in less time using computer systems.

One clear example that can be identified is the creation of automatic payrolls. Instead of allocating time to fill out employee time sheets, workers can easily be logged-in electronically whenever they go to work. It does not merely save employees’ time but also enables the company to reduce laborers in the employee payroll department. It cannot be denied that this benefit could compromise the availability of work for people since computers can take over humans in terms of doing tasks, therefore reducing opportunities for work. However, businesses can obtain much greater profitability if computers could at least take over simple company operations for the better.

Problem Domain

Apart from the changes among business sectors, there are also some obvious implications than can be seen in the computerization of societies. Many industries and sectors around the world today have already adapted to the use of computers in their respective operations. Because of this innovation and evolution, it is has sometimes become a frustration for people to immediately adapt to the changes. Occasionally, it can prove to be a handicap for a person not to know something about computers and the technologies they produce.

In some cases, even a supposedly ordinary task of doing day-to-day activities like communicating or operating previously simple home machines can become a daunting experience whenever computer systems are integrated in them. This research focuses on the case of (X) Distribution Company. This company distributes newspaper, magazines and advertisements. The company has staff of nearly 1150 employees.

Research question

In general, how significant is it really to learn and adapt to using computers? This question can be answered by simply accepting the fact that computers will now become a part of a day-to-day lifestyle.

What methods of training can be applied in company (X) to improve employees’ computer skills?

Research Purposes

There are two main purposes from this research, and specifically, they are to:

a motivate employees; and

a encourage employees to use the technology

Research Objectives

This research has two objectives, and specifically, they are to:

a improve the employees’ computer skills; and

a help the company in implementing the technology


Peterson, L & Davie, B 2007, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, California.

Tanenbaum, A 2003, Computer Networks, 4th edn, Prentice Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

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