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Computer Education

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Most educationists are emphasizing in technical and vocational education. These educations are possible with the use of ICT ,which is introduced in schools through computer education. Internet is parts of computer education in our schools in Nepal. We are talking about “New Nepal”. It could be better by education. Education makes people responsive to change. If change is started from children, it is quite easier to change. Most ICT projects has three components:1. Computer literacy 2. Computer related learning 3. Teacher training. Among these students are learnt Microsoft MS office, would be developing programs and skills.

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Computer Education
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Teachers trainings are helping for capacity building and making easier as well as more interesting teaching techniques. This era is called modern era of technology. The technologies are rapidly increasing in this world. The world is being covered within a computer by means of ICT. The full form of ICT is Information and Communication Technologies. ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form.

For example, personal computers, digital television, email, robots.

So ICT is concerned with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission or receipt of digital data. Importantly, it is also concerned with the way these different uses can work with each other. ICT is often categorised into two broad types of product: – (1) The traditional computer-based technologies (things you can typically do on a personal computer or using computers at home or at work); and (2) The more recent, and fast-growing range of digital communication technologies (which allow people and organisations to communicate and share information digitally)

The Government of Nepal can use ICT in different ways on policy making, primary to higher education, training of teachers, teaching and learning, non-formal education, monitoring and measuring change, research and knowledge, innovative practices and capacity building of teachers and students in different sectors. If Department of Education( DEO) Nepal can conduct a small projects of ICT for capacity building of teachers; it may bring a change in our education system according to demand of present situation.

Department of Education Nepal can conduct ICT programs for the fulfilment of curriculum, teachers guides, text books, useful materials in teaching process. ICT can be a useful tool for bringing high-quality education to all. However, ICT can also divert scarce resources and even become a waste of resources if the costs and benefits of using ICT in education are not fully understood and if decision makers are not aware of the experiences of other countries and the problems they may have experienced.

Also, investment in ICT can be a waste of resources if ICT is not integrated into education effectively or is not appropriate for local circumstances. To be able to make judicious choices and prepare well-designed policies, plans, and projects it is therefore important for officials from Ministry of Education and from development agencies to be well-informed about “ICT in Education” issues. Similarly, the staffs of schools and colleges, including principals, teachers and teacher educators, need to be aware of the issues regarding the use of ICT in their institutions.

With a common understanding of the issues, effective dialogue can take place and progress can be made towards harnessing the potential that ICT offers for bringing high-quality education to all. With the help of computer education; teachers will solve the problems of viewing the different types of results from websites, sending e-mails and generating ideas for learning situation in class room will be more efficient than previous methods of learning. Teachers can self explore about any systems and teaching methods and learning situation by Google search.

It may bring a golden way to introduce the education into sustainability of environmental, cultural, social and political development of the country. A few schools are using computer education in teaching learning processes. The schools in Nepal have diverse facilities of information and communication technologies because of economic and technical deficiency. Computer education can change the pre-modern methods in schools. It will be very helpful for constructing teaching materials in classroom activities.

Computer education can play a vital role on construction of text books, implementation of curriculum, students activities ect. Student can self explore new methods and way to solve the problem in their curriculum by the use of computer education and internet . In some schools computer labs are using as typing offices. So that use of computer education in schools is being an emerging issue. The government of Nepal and The monitoring solution institute are doing activities to provide computer education in Sirdibas VDC of Gorkha district. In this program internet facilities are provided to the students of Buddha secondary school.

The government is providing Rs1800 per student per month for lodging and fooding . This is one of the exemplary work of the government for use of computer education in school (Rai & Acharya, 2011). It is said that “Bazar centered education has more quality than the education of the village”. Some people say , it is due to language. But it is due to lack of technologies and information. This can be fulfilled by use of computer education and internet together. Government of Nepal has used a program called OLPC that is one laptop per child. The laptop is a device to use ICT.

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