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Computer essentials

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Software is the programs and data a computer uses in either running the system or just for some other use. Meaning, everything that is stored in the computer memory is software. They are intangibles and yet they are very important in a computer system depending on their purpose (Ledvina, 2002).

There are two types of programs in a computer system, the application programs and the system programs. Application programs are applications use by a person for a specific purpose. Some examples of a computer application are word processors, game programs, data bases, etc.

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Computer essentials
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On the other hand, system programs are the culprit behind the running of software and hardware simultaneously. Operating system is one of the important systems that the computer has. Operating system is the coordinator of all components of a computer system. Operating system is responsible for the starting and running of other programs in the computer. Examples of known operating systems are Microsoft Windows 98 and LINUX. The difference between application programs and system programs specifically operating systems are not clear and are subject to controversy.

The only difference that can be seen is that the operating system is a needed program and application programs are luxury program (Ledvina, 2002).

A program file is a file created with commands and instructions that is needed in order to be run or executed by the computer (Yourdictionary.com, 2009). On the other hand, data file is file created by a program in the computer. Specific data files are created by a specific program files (Yourdictionary.com, 2009). Therefore, data files can only be used by the program file(s) that created it. Example, a document file which is a data file created by the Microsoft word application can only be run by Microsoft word application or other programs associated with MS word document files (Kuhn Consulting, 2001).

Microsoft Windows Explorer is used in managing files in a computer. Windows Explorer uses tree diagram to associate and manage drives, files and folders. Files are arranged like a tree where the root is the drives and the stems and leaves are the files and folders. Windows Explorer can perform many functions in arranging and managing files in a computer. Some of the functions that are already present at the toolbar are the search function, copy, cut, paste, delete, and the folder views. Search function allows the user to search for a specific file in the computer with having the troubles of opening all folders and drives. The copy, cut and paste functions are simple functions that allows you to duplicate and move files and folders from one drive or folder to another drive or folder. The view functions allow you to change the view of the windows in order for the user to clearly see the contents of the folder (Kuhn Consulting, 2001).


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