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Computer Purposes

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Computer is useful for finding the information. As long as the Internet is installed in the computer, the people can be able to what they want to find. Of course, they have to waste the time for doing. Acquiring the information, they feel that it is valuable. Renctly years, the number of people is increased by using computer.

They can seek the information directly in Internet. That is a very convenient for the people. When the students do the projects, they will find the information in Internet, except library.

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Computer Purposes
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Finding the things, they compose of the information and construct it in the computer its function such as Microsoft Work, Excel, etc. They have ability to achieve the people¡¦s aim they want.

In fact, the computer has plenty of useful functions. The people may not acquaint to all of the functions, only knowing a part of them. They need the time to know every thing in the computer for a long time.

The level of the computer is upgraded on each year. Automatically, the functions and others will be increased such as the speed will faster than previous speed. We could say that the computer be able to instead in the position of the people mostly. Of course, the human is clever than the computer.

Sometimes, the students will play the games, as they are boring. It makes the students to get the relaxing. On account of their studies bring the some pressure, this may cause them to get vexation, so they need to release their pressure, to get the balance of their mood. Actually the computer has many functions; we should adopt them to develop of every thing.

It is essential that the people buy the computer, which has such a lot functions. Nowadays, many jobs need to the computer by helping with powerful function. If only the human had finished the job by hand, they would have done for a long time. The computer cannot be lacked on modern generation.


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