Conflict of Intrest

The following scenario contains ethical concerns or dilemmas which are raised for the parties involved. Read the scenario with an eye to discern the key players and issues involved. Then think about what you would do as one of the key decision makers, and why. Could you justify your decision? Provide a 1-3 page answer to explain and defend your decision. Be sure to use proper PAP format. Joe Raymond position as sales manager for Granite Rock and Sand was in jeopardy.

His unit was a low performer in terms of sales for the last seven quarters. Joey’s supervisor, UP Tom Haws, told Joe that he had through the next quarter to pull his unit out of last place. Haws also told Joe that Joe would have to be replaced if the improvement did not occur. Joe and his wife had just purchased their first home. With their mortgage payments totaling $1 , 200 per month, the loss of Joey’s salary would mean the loss of their home. Following Tom’s warning, Joe began interviewing candidates for a vacant sales position in his unit.

Joe had inducted three interviews when the final candidate, Jessica Morris, arrived. During the interview with Morris, Joe learned that she was the victim of a layoff by a competitor, Silt, Sand and Such. Joe was not terribly impressed with Morris, but just before she left, she opened her briefcase and offered Joe a sheet of paper bearing the name of an official in the Saudi Arabian government. Morris explained: When I was with Silt, Sand and Such, we started a program for finding innovative markets for our products. You know, we wanted to tap markets o one had ever thought of.

After a lot of research, we discovered that Saudi desalination plants need a particular type of sand they don’t have over there, but we have here. We’re the only firm that knows about this. If you hire me, I can see the sale through for Granite. Morris added: “Look, I need this job. You need your sales up. Think about it and call me. ” After Morris left, Joe sat in his office and felt his problems were solved. Explain how this would be a conflict of interest. Do you think Joey’s problems are solved? What should Joe do?

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