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Conflict Resolution

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After comparing and contrasting the views of the participant and mine, I conclude the following assumptions:

  • There is not of much difference in the responses received from both the answer sets. The point of difference is the representation of the section both groups. The ‘family oriented’ descriptor is taken in both the ‘Both groups’ column by the respondent whereas I have labeled it in the ‘Christian Americans’. The descriptor ‘good neighbor’ is thrown in ‘both groups’ and the other in only ‘Christian Americans’.
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    ‘Devout’ is pushed to the ‘Muslim and Arab Americans’ section by the other respondent whereas I have presented it in the ‘Both Groups’ section. The other moderators are equal in both the tables by the participants.

  • Both the tables list some of the descriptors in the ‘Both Groups’ category. The descriptors in this section are quite different for both the respondents. There is no common descriptor in the ‘Both Groups’ section.
  • The descriptors from both the tables which represent true facts would be Muslim and Arab Americans being ‘fanatically religious’, ‘conservative political values’, ‘male dominated’, ‘strict moral values’ and ‘governed by Qur’ an’.

    Another true fact is that Christian Americans are ‘women who go to work’, ‘well educated’, ‘moderate political values’ and ‘governed by Biblical law’. The descriptors which may not hold true are Muslim and Arab Americans being ‘undereducated’ and ‘good neighbors’. At the same time for the Christian Americans the descriptors which can hold true are ‘strict moral values’ and ‘political environment open to both sexes’.

  • The average Americans views for the above groups are created with the changing political and economic scenario of their country and international relations with other countries and nations. The behavior of the resident Americans of Christian and Muslim and Arab backgrounds in times of distress such as social riots, political views, acceptance of American culture and pattern of society and education would make the beings think quite differently, that marks the precise line of difference between them. In times of war and socially depressing conditions, the amount of help obtained in getting the ideas across for creating and maintaining a stable working environment, the thinking pattern of both the groups differ widely and the descriptors get a enough opportunity to find a place to tag on each others’ personality. The business decisions made by the groups also create differences in their judgment pattern, conflict resolution techniques and gender representation factor. The foresight for further growth and taking care of the minor elements of the family also tags the genuinely. Education thoughts, representation of women in leading fronts and moderate political values displayed by them in day to day activities are major factors influencing their descriptor alignment.


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