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Conflict Resolution Process

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Today, I would like to talk to you about the Conflict Resolution Process. I believe

this process begins by determining whether there is an actual probem, once determined

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Conflict Resolution Process
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that there is an actual problem all parties must analize the problem, clarifing all their preceptions, brainstorm for possible solutions, and create or cose the solution that is

benifitial for everyone. Then this solution must be aheared to with integrity.

The books definition of Conflict Resolution Process consists of these 5 steps.

Decide Whether Your Have a Misunderstanding or a True Disagreement.

Define the Problem and Collect the Facts.

Decide Whether Your Have a Misunderstanding or a True Disagreement.

A misunderstanding is a failure to understand the other persons point.

A true disagreement is when people want more than your explanation

and further details; they want to change your mind.

Define the Problem and Collect the Facts.

The book states that the saying, “A problem well defined is half solved”

is not far from the truth.

It also states that at this stage it is helpful when

everyone involved is allowed to define the problem.

This can be done by asking the following questions. What does each party

thing the conflict is about? Is the conflict over deeply held values or just

preferences? Is the conflict over goals or methods?

This can be done through brainstorming. Brainstorming is a process that

encourages all those in the conflict to generate a wide variety of ideas

and possibilities that will lead to the desired result. No one is allowed to

evaluate, judge, or rule out any proposed solutions. Each person is

encouraged to tap his or her creative energies without fear of ridicule or

criticism. Once all options are out on the table, you will need to eliminate

Those that will not lead to the desired result and settle in the most

The final step involves finalizing an agreement that offers win/win benefits

to those in conflict. This resolution must be an achievable and realistic. In

addition you will want to follow-up periodically to be sure that this is being

followed, and take steps to ensure that he same problem does not reoccur

Once the job enters the door I am responsible for it in every aspect until it is billed.

This is where I come in and keep everybody happy. There are many processes and little time. The process typically starts with the art on a disk that has to be output to film After that we provide the customer with proof, this is a blueline of what their piece will look like at the after the project is complete. After it is OK’d by the customer we make plates for the press and print it. Once printed part of the project is sent to an outside vendor to be converted into an envelope and the other parts are trimmed to final size. Once converted into an envelope it then goes to another vendor to have component’s hand inserted and sealed. Then it goes to another vendor to have addresses ink jetted and mailed.

Throughout this whole process there is conflict of dead lines, quality, and pricing.


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Conflict Resolution Process. (2018, Jun 28). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/conflict-resolution-process/

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