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Consider the Lobster

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This paper will give an analysis of the essay “Consider the Lobster” in terms of its purpose and writing pattern. The purpose of the essay is to have readers reflect on eating the lobster and the morality behind the carnivorous lifestyle of those who enjoy it. They should consider the creature’s pain in cooking competitions and festivals that use 25,000 lbs.

of lobsters (Wallace, 2005).The author points out that boiling the lobster alive for the entertainment of the crowd is painful for the reature because they have receptors making them extremely sensitive to pain.

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Consider the Lobster
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The author uses descriptive writing pattern because the essay gives information about the lobster, which is the topic of the essay. It also describes how the festival takes place and practice cruelty to the animal without considering their pain just to make audiences entertained.

The author did well in using the descriptive pattern because even the receptors, body structure, and onditions while being transported is given. By doing this, the author is able to provide a clear vision for the reader on what the lobster is experiencing in the festival.

The author also calls attention to the promotional material because the MLF festival describes the nervous system of the lobster as simple, decentralized, and lacks structure making them resistant to pain (University of Maryland, n. .

).Descriptive pattern can be used in a personal essay by giving a thorough elaboration of every detail in the story. The events should be organized, thoughts have to be internalized, and it should make the readers imagine what is being said in the essay. A descriptive will also get the point across and the readers will not have to guess what the point of the essay is.

Consider the Lobster can help essay writers incorporate a more descriptive pattern in their work.

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Consider the Lobster. (2018, May 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/consider-the-lobster-essay-essay/

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