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The Problem of Aging Population in Hong Kong


Words: 3547 (15 pages)

Introduction Population aging is constituted by a shift in the distribution of a country’s population towards greater ages. Thus an increase in the population’s mean or median age, a decline in the fraction of the population composed of children, or a rise in the fraction of the population that is elderly are all aspects of…

Multispectral Imaging


Forensic science

Words: 1942 (8 pages)

Multispectral imaging is used oven an extremely wide spectral domain. It started with NASA using the technique for satellite imaging using kilometer-length radio waves, to the technique being used by forensic science using light in the visible to the near infrared region, to medical forensics using MeV gamma rays (National Research Council 1998) The use…

The Damaging Psycho-social Effects of Teenage Pregnancies



Words: 1197 (5 pages)

            A matter of concern for most parents nowadays is the early age at which female children get pregnant.  Such a phenomenon is due largely to the early sexual awakening of teenagers.  This awakening is the result of many factors, one of which is the media.  However, it is not so much of the sexual…

Mis Engaging in Cio-Cxo “Conversations That Matter”: an Interview with Peter Keen



Words: 1689 (7 pages)

Management information systems (MIS) are currently vital for enhancing organizational management by streamlining company operations and procedures. To maximize the effectiveness of these systems and their integration with overall company functioning, strong coordination within the MIS department is crucial. In his article titled “Engaging in CIO-CxO Conversations that Matter,” Omar El Sawy interviews Peter Keen,…

Analysis of Book “Managing Your Money: All-in One for Dummies”


Words: 1611 (7 pages)

Money Managing money is an important aspect in a person’s life. In the book Managing Your Money: All-in one for dummies by Ted Buena, he mentions a great scenario of how you should treat money where he states, “Just as you have relationships with people in your life, you also have a relationship switch money–…

Tea Bag-Packaging Machine by Tieback


Words: 362 (2 pages)

The invention of the automatic tea bag-packaging machine by Tieback in 1949 revolutionized the tea market with the double-chamber tea bag. It meant that production volumes could be increased dramatically. Today the latest generation of these machines is capable of production speeds of almost 400 tea bags per minute, i. E. Some 4 billion per…

Pros and Cons of Instant Messaging in the Workplace


Computer virus

Words: 398 (2 pages)

Instant messaging is a popular method of communicating via the Internet. Instant messaging is a form of real-time communication between two or more people. Instant messaging is different from e-mail because it is a faster mean of communication and users can see if a chosen friend or coworker is connected. Yet communicating through instant messaging…

Cognitive Subtraction in Functional Imaging Research


Words: 1277 (6 pages)

What is functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)?             “Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or fMRI is a non-invasive brain imaging technique which captures images of brain areas that are active at a given time due different kinds of physical sensation such as sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste” (What is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or FMRI?). …

Yusef Komunyakaa’s “Tu Do Street” and “Camouflaging the Chimera”


Words: 461 (2 pages)

Both “Tu Do Street” and “Camouflaging the Chimera” express the negotiation of racial boundaries in a new, unfamiliar environment where barriers are at once more rigid and flexible. While the speaker addresses the boundaries that exist between black and white soldiers, particularly in Tu Do Street, he also explores the relationship between himself and the…

Nagative Effects of Packaging


Words: 395 (2 pages)

Plastic packaging receives wide use, but there are negative environmental effects tied to the product. To obtain consumer products in our modern society, we have become more dependent on packaging. Despite packaging’s benefits, many negative implications exist. As global population escalates, the demand for packaging increases and the need to deal effectively with the growing…

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How do you explain aging?
Aging is a gradual, continuous process of natural change that begins in early adulthood. During early middle age, many bodily functions begin to gradually decline. People do not become old or elderly at any specific age. Traditionally, age 65 has been designated as the beginning of old age. Read More:
How do you feel about aging?
What respondents like about being older. The survey found that 67% of respondents report that their feelings about aging have become more positive as they have aged. 88% of those questioned feel more comfortable being themselves now they are older, and 80% feel a strong sense of purpose.
What is the importance of aging?
From a public health perspective, aging is also the critical risk factor for a variety of human pathologies, including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, many forms of cancer and metabolic disease/type II diabetes, which have become much more prevalent in the elderly.

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