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Observation of digestive and circulatory systems



Words: 1391 (6 pages)

Observation of digestive and circulatory systems BY assistances Observation of Digestive and Circulatory System Introduction/Background: This week’s lab is about digestion and the circulatory system. Students will be learning about the different types of digestion and circulatory systems for different types of animals. Students will learn not only about the mechanical and chemical components of…

How Do Protease in Some Fruit Juices Help Softening Meat?



Words: 1247 (5 pages)

Hypothesis: The protease in some fresh juices digests collagen, which gives meat a tough texture by holding meat fibres together. Design of investigation: In order to test the hypothesis, the presence of protease in those fresh juices was tested at first. Then the amount of them was needed to be compared for finding their difference…

Why You Should Be a Vegetarian



Words: 724 (3 pages)

If I told you that you were, on a daily basis, consuming food that could potentially give you serious health issues, would you still eat it? The human body is in fact, designed to sustain a vegetarian diet. Most of you are, on a daily basis eating meat, poultry or fish – which have also…

Celiac Disease – Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease



Words: 474 (2 pages)

What part of the GI tract do they affect? Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine andinterferes with absorption of nutrients from food. People who have celiacdisease cannot tolerate a protein called gluten, found in wheat, rye, andbarley. Gluten is found mainly in foods, but is also found in products weuse…

Enzymes in Human Body



Words: 778 (4 pages)

Enzymes are the sparks that start the essential chemical reactions our bodies need to live. They are necessary for digesting food, for stimulating the brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs, and cells. There are three types of enzymes: metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes catalyse, or spark,…

The Digestive System



Words: 488 (2 pages)

The digestive system is used to break down the food that we eat. It is made up of many different organs like the oesophagus, stomach, intestines etc…Digestion starts when food is taken into the mouth. This is called ingestion. The teeth are used to break the food into small pieces. The pieces are mixed with…

How Nutrients Get in, and Wastes Out.



Words: 1754 (8 pages)

In a human being, nutrients are necessary for survival. But how are thesenutrients obtained? This report will go into depth on how the food we eat getsinto our cells, and how the waste products that we produce get out of the body. Also, the unicellular organism Paramecium will be compared with a human being,in terms…

Growth and Development



Words: 1194 (5 pages)

All major systems undergo progressive maturation. Growth is very rapid during the first year, especially the initial 6 months. Infants gain 5-7 oz. Every week for the first 6 months. By the end of the first year the infant’s weight is about three times the birth weight. Height increases by 2. 5 CM each month…

Biology synoptic and General Principles



Words: 691 (3 pages)

The synoptic Essay The essay titles will be very general and students are expected to draw on relevant information from the complete specification to illustrate their understanding of general principles. They may wish to include detailed knowledge of topics from any of the AS and AH units. They may also gain credit for including material…

Consciousness and alcohol



Words: 741 (3 pages)

Why do so many people drink? Some do because they believe that it makes them more carefree and makes it easier to have a better time. People often seem to be less shy and more outgoing after a few drinks. But a few drinks can quickly turn into many. Sometimes so many that the alcohol…

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What is digestion explain?
Digestion is the complex process of turning the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair needed to survive. ... It is made up of a series of muscles that coordinate the movement of food and other cells that produce enzymes and hormones to aid in the breakdown of food.
What is Introduction to digestion?
Digestion is the process of breaking down food into components the body can absorb. It consists of two types of processes: mechanical digestion and chemical digestion. Mechanical digestion is the physical breakdown of chunks of food into smaller pieces, and it takes place mainly in the mouth and stomach.
Why is digestion important?
Digestion is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and carries them to cells throughout the body.

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