Continental Army Vs British Redcoats: A Profile Of Two Armies

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Two armies took the place of battlefields during the Revolutionary War and they were the Patriots or the Continental Army and the British Army or the British Redcoats. The major difference between a British soldier to a patriot is that the patriots during the American Revolution fought to gain freedom from the British because of their love for their country and heritage.

However, the British just fought to regain control. The Continental Army suffered from lack of experience. They lacked an abundance of deficiencies in clothing, food, ammunition, discipline, and weapons.Therefore, General Washington soon motivated a “protracted war” in which he allowed his weak army to combat Britain’s powerful forces through the training of retreats, defensive maneuvers, and surprise attacks.

The Continental Army were short of supplies that were of bare need such as a shortage on weapons and food. The Spanish and the French mostly provided them supplies but it was still very difficult for them since of inexperience. The British however had everything that they needed. They had the bayonets and cannons and everything set.

Food, provisions, experience, etc. They had it all. It seemed as if the British were going to win this war. Weapons used against both armies included cannons and fixed bayonets with muskets.

The cannons were major in the battlefields if either army wanted to wipe out a group of people and the bayonets for protection from horsemen. The armies both didn’t have good strategies or tactics. Both armies would march up to each other and shoot as well as the cannons set behind them from opposing sides and an infantryman controlling them.Therefore, the battlefield were complete slaughters.

There would have been less deaths if the armies were more tactical about where they were going, it’s as if they were just walking into a death trap. The length of service for both armies lasted from 1775- 1783 until America regained its independence and Great Britain wasn’t their mother country anymore. Both armies lost tons of people but America finally got the victory. Spain and French helped out so it was really a much great appreciation to them for helping for the supplies that were in dire need.

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