Contracting Firms in Egypt

Contracting Firms in Egypt


Contracting Companies are responsible for physically building the undertaking and they are usually chosen through unfastened or closed stamp. After they are chosen harmonizing to proficient and fiscal rating, the Company starts presenting the complete undertaking in conformity with the contract footings. The taking catching houses in Egypt are Arab Contractors, Orascom Construction Industries, Hassan Allam and the international companies include Amalgamate Contractors Company ( CCC ) and Vinci. The thesis will offer an overview of the taking catching houses in Egypt.

Arab Contractors

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Arab Contractors is the taking undertaking company in Egypt and one of the taking building companies in the Middle East. The Company has conducted building works in more than 29 states ; the company’s building undertakings include conveyance, power, H2O and effluent, commercial, healthcare, industrial and residential undertakings. Harmonizing to Engineering News Records ( ENR ) magazine, the house is ranked figure 83 in the top 250 international contractors.

Construction Servicess

Arab Contractors Company offers a huge sum of building services and some of these services are:

  • Design and consultancy
  • Deep foundations and Earth retaining
  • Burrowing and micro tunneling.
  • Prestressing.
  • The house has their ain hollow nucleus slabs mill.
  • The house offers formwork, scaffolds, woodworking plants and have their steel support flexing mills.
  • The Company owns dredgers as 10th of Ramadan dredger and Al-Marwa dredger. In add-on to the span building systems as progressing shoring systems, establishing girder systems and cantilever passenger car systems. Those dredgers and span systems are either used by the company in its ain undertakings or rented to another companies.
  • Arab Contractors own their concrete, asphalt batch workss, cardinal workshops for care and service of the company’s equipments.

Analysis of the Company

The chart below shows the entire turnover of the company from 2004 until 2010:

Arab Contractors turnover started in 2004 with 4.2 billion ( EGP ) increasing with around 10 % in 2005 to make 4.5 billion ( EGP ) . Afterwards, the one-year rate addition boosted to around 30-35 % in the old ages 2006 and 2007 making 8 billion ( EGP ) in 2007 which is about dual the turnover in 2005. In 2008, the turnover boomed amounting to 12 billion ( EGP ) about 50 % addition and this was the peak growing between two back-to-back old ages. Subsequently, the turnover increased invariably to make 15.1 billion ( EGP ) of the entire grosss. Arab Contractors had domestic undertakings consisting about 92 % ( 14.1billion ) and international undertaking about 8 % ( 1 billion ) of the entire turnover. Furthermore, the gross net income and net net income amounted to 2.1 billion ( EGP ) and 1.5 billion ( EGP ) in 2010 and 2009 severally.

The chart below demonstrates the company’s turnover breakdown harmonizing to the undertaking type:

Water and effluent sector conquered about 57 % ( about 8.6 billion ) of the entire grosss, conveyance undertakings in the 2nd topographic point with 18 % ( about 2.7 billion ) , public edifices and lodging undertakings amounting to 17 % . Industrial workss, electro-mechanical hard-ons, Power Stationss, agribusiness and irrigation undertakings their portion ranged from 1- 5 % of the entire grosss.

Arab Contractors Manpower Distribution

The entire work force in the company was 53,726 in 2010 and they increased to make 77,000 in 2014. The figure below illustrates the work force distribution in 2010:

The skilled laborers accounted for 50 % ( 26,863 laborers ) of the entire work force whereas the applied scientists, comptrollers and decision makers accounted for 21 % , technicians and supervisors 16 % and eventually semi and non-skilled laborers accounted for 13 % of the company’s work force.

Arab Contractors Equipments

The company spent huge sum of money to purchase equipments for undertakings executing, the entire equipments cost in 2010 was estimated to be 3.8 billion ( EGP ) and the figure below shows the equipments breakdown by map:

Transport equipment ranked the first amounting to 25 % , Earth traveling equipment 14 % , concrete equipments 13 % , asphalt and paving equipment 12 % and lifting equipment 9 % . In add-on, foundation, Bridgess, prey, Marine plants and burrowing equipments runing from 5-6 % each. Furthermore, equipment age can be split in to three periods ; from ( 2005-2010 ) geting 52 % of the entire equipment, from ( 2000-2004 ) around 29 % and from ( 1995- 1999 ) about 19 % of the entire company’s equipment as shown in the figure.

Achieved Undertakings

Arab Contractors accomplished big sum of undertakings in all building sectors. This portion will supply information about assorted undertakings that has been completed prior to 2010 harmonizing to the different building sectors. These undertakings can be summarized in to:

  1. Conveyance Undertakings
  • Bridgesas 15th of May viaduct, 6Thursdayof October viaduct, al-moneeb span, al-warrak span and Stanley bay bridge-Alexandria.
  • Tunnelsas al-azhar tunnel, Cairo metro line 1 and 2 and al-orouba tunnel.
  • Roadssas Alexandria corniche and Damietta corniche ascent.
  • Maritime Structuresas Damietta port.
  • Airportsas Luxor international airdrome and Sharm Al-Sheikh international airdrome.
  1. Water, industry and power undertakings
  • Water and effluent undertakingsas Cairo effluent intervention works.
  • Industryas Suez cement mill, nagaa-hammady aluminium composite and Alexandria cement mill.
  • Power Plantsas west Cairo power works and ayoun-moussa power works.
  1. Office Buildingsas the Supreme Constitutional Court, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Egypt and Ministry of Investment.
  2. Healthcareas Ismailia Public Hospital and Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
  3. Restorationas King Ramses 2 statue reallocation and Sultan Al-Ghoury mosque.
  4. Facilities and Housing
  • Sports Facilitiesas Bourg Al-Arab bowl and Cairo international bowl.
  • Housing undertakingsas Mubarak lodging undertakings for young person.
  • Hotelsas movenpick hotel in media production metropolis, al garf hotel Abu Dhabi and fortune drifting hotel.

Future Developments

The Arab Contractors company current CEO said that the investings in Egypt will amount to 12 billion ( EGP ) and 1 billion $ US international investings by 2014/2015. Consequently, the company’s entire investings in 2014/2015 will account for 19 billion ( EGP ) .

Orascom Construction Industries


Orascom Construction Industries ( OCI ) is one of the leadingcontracting companies in Egypt using about 40,000 people in 20 states. The house has investings in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Besides, it has over 100 building undertakings in approximately 20 states.

OCI History

In 1950, Onsi Sawiris started a building company shared with some friends in Upper Egypt ; the undertakings involved paving roads and delving roadways. Afterwards, the company grew to go a big catching company. In 1971, the company was nationalized to alter in to El-Nasr Civil Works. After that, Onsi Sawiris travelled to Libya to go on his calling until he returned and founded Orascom building in 1976 ( get downing with merely 5 employees ) . In 1990, Orascom became a taking catching house.

In 1995, Orascom direction control transferred to Onsi’s boy ( Nassef Sawiris ) who started puting in cement and edifice stuffs. In the period from 1995 until 2012, the house started puting in cement companies from different states as Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, UAE, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria and South Africa. In add-on to investings in Contrack International, BESIX Group ( was awarded to construct Burj-Khalifa ) , fertilisers and chemicals fabricating companies. The thesis will discourse merely the sectors related to the building industry in the company.

Construction services

Orascom Construction Industries can be split in to five companies runing in different states and different sorts of undertakings. These companies are:

  1. Orascom Construction: marks big substructure and industrial undertakings chiefly in Egypt and North Africatargets.OCI owns 100 % of this company.
  2. Cementech: is a contracting house specialized in the hard-on of electro-mechanical undertakings. OCI owns 100 % of this company.
  3. Contrack International:is a undertaking company that specializes in institutional and infrastructure undertakings chiefly in Central Asia and the Middle East. OCI owns 100 % of this company.
  4. Medrail:is a contracting house specialized in the building, rehabilitation and care of rail undertakings, most of the company’s focal point lies in the Middle East and North Africa. OCI owns 50 % of this company.
  5. BESIX Group:is a contracting house specialized in the building of roads, substructure, environmental undertakings and belongings development. The house employs more than 19,000 employee and the company’s focal point lies in Central Asia and the Caribbean. OCI owns 50 % of this company.

Ownership construction

Orascom Construction Industries ownership is split between the Sawiris Family ( who control 55 % of the ordinary portions of the company ) and Free Float amounting to 45 % of the company. This Figure illustrates the ownership construction of the company:

Analysis of the Company

This chart illustrates the development of the entire grosss, building grosss and the gross net income from 2006-2011:

The building grosss in 2006 and 2007 was about the same around 13.3 billion ( EGP ) but in 2006, the building grosss shared 80 % of the entire grosss while in 2007, it shared 100 % . In 2008, the building revenues significantly increased by 23 % to make 16.6 billion ( EGP ) sharing about 80 % of the entire turnover. Get downing from 2009, the building turnover growing downgraded making 18.3 billion ( EGP ) about 10 % addition and 18.7 billion ( EGP ) about merely 2.5 % addition in 2009 and 2010 severally whereas the entire grosss boomed in 2010 to make 27.5 billion ( EGP ) from 21.3 billion ( EGP ) in 2009 increasing approximately 30 % . This reveals that the building influence on the company’s grosss was dropping from 2010, as it comprised approximately 68 % of the entire grosss in 2010 compared to 80 % in 2008.

In 2011, the building turnover dropped to portion 55 % of the entire tunover amounting

to 18.3 billion ( EGP ) . The gross net income from the building grosss ranged from 2.3 to 3.4 billion ( EGP ) in the period from 2006 until 2011 with the extremum in 2010 and the least net income in 2006 and 2007.

This figure shows Orascom building works breakdown during 2012:

The residential sector comprised 51 % of the sum executed undertakings whereas the industrial portion was 15 % , the heavy civil and particular undertakings shared 11 % each. The power and roads sector comprised 12 % of the entire executed building plants. ( 9 % and 3 % severally )

OCI Man Power Distribution

The entire work force working in the company’s building sector were about 40000 employees in 2013.

Future Developments

New undertakings in Iraq and Libya to heighten the position of the company.

Hassan Allam Holding


The company started in 1936 by Hassan Mohamed Allam ; it was the first private catching company to be established in Egypt and now it is one of the taking building and existent estate companies in Egypt with more than 11,000 employee divided across the part. The firm’s building works is focused in Algeria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia today. The company has executed several and diverse undertakings in Egypt offering legion building services.

Construction Servicess

Hassan Allam building services can be summarized in to these four chief points:

  • Design and building of the civil technology constructions and edifice plants.
  • Operation and care of building plants.
  • Structural back uping plants.
  • Restoration works for bricks, forests, rocks, marbles and metals.

Hassan Allam Manpower Distribution

Hassan Allam Holding has a sum of 641 employees split in to 311 civil, architecture, mechanical and electrical applied scientists and 330 laborers either lasting or paid by twenty-four hours.

Hassan Allam Equipments

The Company has its ain private equipment, and when the equipments are non plenty due to the increased figure of undertakings at the same clip, the company rents equipments. As for equipment care, the Company has its ain services centre for both the buildings equipments and the firm’s transit vehicles.

Achieved Undertakings

This portion will supply Hassam Allam undertaking sectors with some of the executed building works in these sectors and their proprietor classs. Those undertakings include:

  1. Power Undertakings as:
  1. Ain Sokhna supercritical Thursdayermal power station

Client:East Delta Electricity Production Company.

Location:Ain Sokhna – Suez Governorate, Egypt.

  1. Nubaria power station

Client:Middle Delta Electricity Production Company.

Location:Beheira Governorate, Egypt.

  1. Cairo north power station phases 1 & A ; 2

Client:Cairo Electricity Production Company -Ministry of Electricity & A ; Energy.

Location:Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

  1. Industry undertakings as:
  1. Egyptian hydrocarbon company ( ammonium nitrate works )
  • Client:Egyptian Hydrocarbon Corporation S.A.E.
  • Location:Suez Governorate, Egypt.
  1. Arabian cement company
  • Client:Arabian Cement Company.
  • Location:Ramliya- Suez Governorate, Egypt.
  1. Infrastructure undertakings as:
  1. Gabal Al asfar WWTP
  • Client:Ministry Of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Development.
  • Location:Al Gabal Al Asfar – Cairo- Egypt.
  1. Sixth of October natural H2O transmittal line
  • Client:Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development.
  • Location:sixth of October City- Egypt.
  1. Commercial edifices as:
  1. Promenade of Arabia
  • Client:Fawaz Al Hokair Group-Saudi Arabia.
  • Location:6th October City, Cairo.
  1. Hacienda bay
  • Client:Palm Hills Developments.
  • Location:North Coast- Egypt.
  1. Restoration undertakings as:
  1. Prince Mohammed Ali castle “ Manyal museum ”
  • Client:Ministry of Culture
  • Location:El Manyal District- Cairo.

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