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Contribute To Organization Development Assignment Essay

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As manager develop an organizational development plan that addresses your challenge. A strong market for RIFF technology has been created with the need for optimization of total cost and accurate asset tracking and monitoring. In the past few years, the coffee shops have embraced RADAR in their supply chains and are beginning to enjoy real business benefits from the technology. Companies in different sectors have come to realize that RIFF technology does a lot more than just tracking boxes in the supply chain.

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Contribute To Organization Development Assignment
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RIFF is slowly reemerging as a liable way to improve internal efficiencies. In recent years, supply chains have to rely on technology to deliver a higher level of performance in satisfying consumer needs. The technology for supply chain management is still emerging. Of all the emerging technologies in supply chain management, RIFF has the potential to make the biggest impact. RIFF can revolutionize the way the supply chain meets customer expectations by offering direct insight into consumers’ buying habits and increasing efficiency and accuracy within the supply.

The technology could dramatically improve supply chain performance by reducing inventory levels, lead times, stock outs and shrinkage rates. It can also increase throughput, inventory visibility, inventory record accuracy, order accuracy, customer service, quality and collaboration among supply chain members. Coffee shops face several fundamental challenges when evaluating, planning and implementing RIFF in their supply chains. REID technology faces numerous implementation challenges.

The major challenges include technological maturity, global standardization, government regulations, and cost (Tartan 2012). From a supply-chain, manufacturing, or warehouse standpoint, RIFF technology has emitted applications (Tartan 2012). There is also a question regarding the drivers for adaptation. There must be incentive for retailers and manufacturers to adopt the technology. A return on investment (ROI) is not always a straightforward calculation. Ultimately, a desire on the part of buyers and suppliers to collaborate is necessary to promote the use of RIFF.

It’s ideal for information technology, finance, operations, engineering, and sales professionals and managers who want to familiarize themselves with RIFF technology. Among the technical problems of implementation are imperfect read-rates, unproven systems, and inflicting problems with assembling low-cost tags (Tartan 2012). RIFF is more expensive than bar codes, and problems can occur when using the tags on metal objects. To reduce tag cost the size of the chip needs to be reduced. However, reductions in the size of the chip make assembly of the tags more expensive.

Further, technology vendors do not have a clear idea of what REID middleware should do. Finally, coffee shops often lack in-house experts with the knowledge to implement RIFF technology and hiring outside experts can be difficult and expensive. RIFF is a wireless technology and, as such, poses some potential security concerns to users regarding the compromise of data during wireless transmission, storage of data, and security of storage sites. RIFF vendors have addressed some of the security issues by employing varying querying protocols, jamming and other techniques.

The use of RIFF could have profound social implications. Without safeguards in place, RIFF technology has the potential to compromise consumer privacy and threaten civil liberties. Consumer groups have expressed concern over the privacy invasion that might result with widespread application of RIFF tags. Governments around the world regulate the SE of the frequency spectrum. There is virtually no part of this spectrum that is available everywhere in the world for use by RIFF. This means that a RIFF tag may not work in all countries. This ultimately hinders the use of RIFF tags in a global environment.

There are several factors contributed to the overall growth of the RIFF in coffee shops. Economic slowdown created major stress for many supply chains (Refraining 2014). Coffee shops are challenged to keep critical products and supplies moving, manage inventory levels effectively, maintain productivity, improve safety and security, meet compliance requirements and pep emergency transportation costs in check (Reportorial 2014). Data collection by RIFF can help prevent errors in order picking and shipping that plague the foddering industry.

Despite unexpected events and a slowdown in the economy, coffee shops continue to initiate supply chain improvement initiatives based on the growing recognition that excellent supply chain performance has strategic value that can lead to (Tartan 201 2): 0 Rapid financial payback, often within months C] Improvements in productivity and profits C] Improvements in customer positioning and product quality II] Improvements in fatty and security 0 Enhancements in long-term relationships with suppliers Meeting compliance requirements Explain how you will implement your organizational development activities Ten critical implementation factors have been chosen to represent the prominent influences of RIFF adoption by coffee shops (Tartan 2012): 1. Clearly defined business needs/benefits 2. Top management involvement 3. Proper planning/scoping 4. Measurable business benefits (ROI) 5. Adequate funding 6.

Partnership with competent technology providers 7. Integrating RIFF into a company’s existing IT architecture 8. Determining which practices should be incorporated into their RIFF systems 9. Project management (teamwork) 10. Proper staff training and participation Inventory training plays pivotal role in training employees in inventory management that is crucial in growth and survival of the organization. Lack of efficient and ineffective inventory management will result in losing the customers, sales decline, production delays and other long-term negative effects (Pathway 2014). Poor management will seriously undermine the business. As such inventory training is crucial.

Managing inventories just in time (JET) accordingly will result, reducing cost, competitive advantage and great economic benefit to coffee shops (Pathway 2014). To help coffee shops to minimize the risk of such failure, the managers or the owner of coffee shops have selected few core inventory training courses (Pathway 2014). Thus, RADAR training will help the coffee shops getting past the tangle of technological issues may be challenging, however. Managers or owners may need some help in striping away the hype to reveal the essentials of how these automatic data collection technology enablers can be of real use to the coffee shops. Bar Coding, RIFF, & Automatic Identification are designed to do just that.

This is not a inventory training that gets bogged down, delving into the details and inner workings of how these technologies are generated or what their technical components are, this training is designed to help the coffee shops determine how to get the most out of the technology and assess its applicability to the unique environment (Pathway 2014). In conclusion outline how you will maintain the momentum of your organizational development program Despite economic turmoil, coffee shops still need to invest in cutting-edge solutions so their business can compete ND grow. RIFF is one solution that can save firms money in the short term, while making their supply chains more competitive in the long run. RIFF is one of the most promising and anticipated technologies in recent years.

An RIFF system solution can increase corporate ROI while at the same time improving retail supply chain communication. Implemented properly, this technology can bring velocity to certain markets by serving more customers faster and increase customer loyalty. RIFF has the real potential to increase accuracy and reliability, enhance service and reduce costs. The challenge for coffee shops is determining how to integrate RIFF with existing Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications within the entire system (Tartan 2012). While the technology has many benefits to offer, significant stumbling blocks exist.

Implementation of RIFF involves a variety of issues outside the technology itself: marketing problems, false promises, government regulations, and a lack of standards (Tartan 2012). Standardization of hardware, software, network protocols and reading devices is important (Tartan 2012). If the coffee shops are able to successfully unify the industry with standards, deliver on future promises, and convince end users of the technology’s benefits, then Riff’s future in coffee shops looks favorable. Finally, the RIFF training will help the staffs in coffee shops that be able to measure the return on investment for the company and make sound business decisions based on facts. The training turns an objective view toward RIFF technology and tells the learners exactly what it can and can’t do for the coffee shops.

The staffs will discover how the cutting-edge technology works; how much t costs; the differences between active and passive tags; and data storage potential.

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