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Is the Coronavirus Killing Us or Is It Fear



Words: 2547 (11 pages)

Introduction: What is The Health Outcome/Issue The first case ever reported to a hospital, was a man in his 50’s, in the middle of December 2019 in the Hubei Province of China. It wasn’t officially reported to the World Health Organization until December 31st, 2019 and that brings us to today. Almost three months into…

Arana Xajilá, Plague in Central America (1519-1560)



Words: 742 (3 pages)

The document, written by Arana Xajila in 1519, illustrates for the reader the lasting impact and implications the plague had to the Cakchiquels tribe and the reader can then infer how the plague paved for the Spanish conquest of what is now present day South America. Arana Xajila, Plague in Central America is a first…

Plagiarism: An Academic Pandemic



Words: 378 (2 pages)

Introduction An infectious, virulent plague is ravaging the landscape of academia. It consumes young and old, male and female. The doctors won’t touch it for fear of ineffective results do to the rampant spread of “everyone has done it.” Plagiarism, as defined by the Austin Peay Woodard Library (2004), is “the act of using someone…

The Impact Of Epidemics And Pandemics Tourism




Words: 4739 (19 pages)

Changes in the human behavior and life manner over the last century have resulted in an addition of epidemics and pandemics all around the universe. The spread of infective diseases among the population is normally known as epidemics or pandemics. The difference between these two nomenclatures are related to the figure of people which is…

History and Etymology



Words: 2460 (10 pages)

Influenza Introduction: History and Etymology The word etymology of influenza is of Italian origin- “influenza del freddo” meaning “influence of the cold”. The earlier taboo holds that the virus was ejected by “unfavorable astrological influences”. At an outbreak in Europe, the word was first named influenza as an English word (1743). Other terms use to…

Influenza Virus – Spanish Flu



Words: 2202 (9 pages)

A boy in Philadelphia lies in bed with a fever of 104 degrees as his mother dabs a cool cloth on his head in effort to bring down his fever. A nurse scrambles through her hospital in London trying to find intubation bags as a young woman struggles for air, her respiratory system completely shut…

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