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Critical Thinking paper: Thank You for Smoking

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Critical Thinking paper: Thank You for Smoking

            The movie “Thank you for smoking” is one of the best American drama films which represent a number of characters. It is an interesting film with satirical scenes which are very entertaining. Any individual who has ever watched the movie is always eager to watch it a second time. The film needs the viewer to closely follow scene by scene to understand the message being conveyed. The film is directed by Jason Reitman and produced by David Sacks.

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Critical Thinking paper: Thank You for Smoking
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The protagonist is Nick Naylor acting as a tobacco lobbyist with sympathetic and disgusting character. The film also represents the role of the U.S senator as he tries to protect kids. The basis of the film is a satirical consideration at cigarettes and matters surrounding particular parties.

The clear connection of various departments such as government, public, tobacco industry and the media in different scenes explores the critical aspect of the film. The political class is represented in the film whereby the director of the movie calls it libertarian (Sacks, 2006).

Rationality is one main skill of critical thinking depicted in different scenes of the film. This is a concept of relying on reason other than emotion which calls for clear following of evidence which leads to fulfillment of certain requirements. Nick being the central character has a strong convincing character for persuading favorable interpretation of words that can lead to destruction.

A clear indicator to this intelligence is a scene when Nick puts it that every individual has a talent. The persuasion of individuals to consider this fact is very outstanding and clearly reflects his ability to consider issues from observation of events. Some viewers articulate Nick as a person with bad personality but he considers him as a mediator. This clearly shows the capacity to bring two sects of society into terms by considering the purpose of individual’s involvement in matters of public policy. As the protagonist tries to teach his son about the importance of argument which always brings positive results, the scene depicts the importance of taking position in an argument (Facione, 2010).

            Another major positive impact reflected in the film is the aspect of self-awareness in which case the central character weighs the influences of motives and bias. A scene where Nick takes lunch with firearms and liquor lobbyist creates a clear picture of recognizing ones assumptions and critically evaluating point of view. The three lobbyists call themselves as merchants of death with each individual playing his own role. The gun lobbyist is very creative and decides to set an alarm whenever he is walking through a metal detector. The use of brains by the gun lobbyist helps him to escape traps laid by officers in places that are usually under tight security.

            A smart and entertaining scene is when Nick visits Lorne Lutch the Marlboro Man to advice him about the situation of dangerous cancer. Nick is being open-mindedness as he tries to evaluate all reasonable inferences to convince the Marlboro Man the best option between taking money and failing to denounce tobacco smoking (Sacks, 2006). He convinces that it is bad to consider the option of taking money instead of denouncing tobacco because he is a tobacco lobbyist.  Acceptance of new priorities in the film is not deniable as the main character wants only smokers to feature in the film. The only characters who can smoke are Russians, villains and Arabs thus unpopular views are not rejected.


Facione, P. (2010).  Think Critically. Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0205738451

Sacks, D. O. (Producer). (2006). Thank you For Smoking. [Motion picture].  USA: 20th Century Fox.


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