Great Thank My Favorite Teacher

Before meeting you, I disliked school so much. I had a hard time understanding certain things, I struggled with self-confidence, and with life throwing obstacles at me, I just struggled with school. I never thought about my future, because I didn’t believe I was capable of making it. First day of 10th grade, walking into your classroom I didn’t realize the impact you would have on my life. I found myself shy in most classes and struggled to voice my opinions, but it was different in your class.

You made your classroom an environment that I cannot only share my ideas but I know my thoughts are considered and appreciated. I’ve never met someone so passionate and determined with what they do. You put so much into you career and even when the bell hits 3:05, you continue to think about us and how you can improve for tomorrow. Your classroom was a safe place for any student, no matter what was going on. I was one of those students, and you have helped me with so much. Even when the problems I was having had nothing to do with school, you always provided a helping hand. You had this way of always knowing when something was on my mind or bothering me, and no matter what it was I knew I could always come to you when I needed to talk.

You made me feel safe and gave me a friend when I felt that I was alone. Eventually, you became a second mother to me, and the support system I needed to keep me going throughout the three years. I just want to tell you thank you, for always being on team Dezaray. Thank you for continuing to push me to succeed even when giving up seemed easier. Even when I had no faith in myself, you believed in me. Thank you for all those times you would stay after to school, so I could talk to you, and you listened to all my problems. Thank you for cheering me on when I was having a hard time getting things done. Thank you for being a person I can trust and feel comfortable to talk to.

Thank you for constantly pushing me, and many students to keep going, because we needed it. You will always be more than a teacher to me. You are my forever friend, my second mother, my role model, my support system, and my inspiration. You provided me a listening ear, advice, a shoulder to cry on, open arms, and many books. Your encouragement and persistence in my high school years has taught me so much. Because of you, I will be walking across the stage with so much that will help me be successful in life. 

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