Criticize This: the Scarlet Letter Critical Analysis

Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Was a great historical figure who helped the civil rights movement. He believed in non-violence and led the march on Washington. This amazing man gave a great speech entitled “l have a dream. ” In the end he helped people of all races get equal rights, but what happened in his life for this great outcome.

The reason Dry. King believed in non-violence was because he modeled himself after Mahatma Ghanaian. This might also be the reason Dry. King wanted to be the leader of the civil rights movement. Instead of violence Dry. King used boycotts, marches, and peaceful protests. He gave Incredible speeches to inspire people to help his cost. He did all of those things without violence. One of his most famous speeches was called “l have a dream. ” This speech was given at “The March on Washington D. C.

This was the high point of his life Inspiring many people. He used the Declaration of Independence in his speech to prove that every single man, child, and woman is created equal. No single person is better than one another. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Also got an important prize for his actions. He received the noble peace prize for helping the civil rights movement. He was the youngest man ever to receive the noble peace prize. His actions of non-violence to receive the prize were a lot more effective than war or violence.

This was a major event in his life before his tragic death. Dry. King’s death was tragic, but this way he made many people remember his teachings. The message of non-violence was a great addition to his peace message. Dry. Kings death left a legacy for other peaceful men and women to follow. Dry. King greatly helped the call rights movement to give equality to people of all races. The actions of non-violence should be spread around the world to help achieve peace for people of all races and cultures.

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