Cross Cultural Comparative Analysis UK vs Mexico

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In today ‘s planetary economic systems communicating is the power house of all concerns. Due to globalization the purchasing, merchandising and working with in the different cultural is inevitable. It is necessary to understand the International direction cross cultural dimensions and its impact on leading and communicating in the concern. Merely to hold a over border than the rivals the concerns have leaned that in order to turn in today ‘s market cross cultural direction accomplishments are really critical. The communicating between the different civilizations both internally and externally has to be effectual and at that place necessitate to be a good apprehension of transverse cultural dimensions because they can act upon success, by being in front in the abroad market with greater cross cultural apprehension which includes a better cultural diverseness direction excessively.

In this essay the writer discusses the cultural dimensions, and international direction patterns in both United Kingdom and Mexico. This is a usher for the directors of those states who have non yet thought of these states as portion of concern. Writer shows Hofstede ‘s Five Dimensions of Culture and Fons Trompenaars cultural dimensions.

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Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

Harmonizing to Hofstede, each civilization must cover with inquiries that can be resolved harmonizing to a series of dimensions, which consequences in a alone gestalt for each society, depending on the strength of its inclination towards one or another terminal of each civilization dimension spectrum ( Longatan, 2008 ) . Prof. Geert Hofstede did most comprehensive survey on the civilization and how it may act upon the workplace.

From 1967 to 1973, he has been roll uping and analysing big sum of informations from over 100,000 persons from 50 states and 3 parts. Originally there were four dimensions 5th dimension came on later, after him carry oning an international survey with a study instrument developed with Chinese employees and directors ( Professor H. Michael Boyd, 2004 ) . There were five cultural dimensions that were identified by Hofstede are:

Power Distance

Individuality Bolshevism

Uncertainity Avoidance

Masculinity versus Femininity

Long term versus Short term Orientation ( Clearly Cultural, 2009 ) .

Power Distance: Power distance ( PDI ) is related to the unequal distribution of power, There is large spread between the people ( unequal ) in the society. Power and inequality, are the cardinal facts of the society and any one can state a difference between a equal or unequal power distance society by and large, power distance is the manner the society addresses inequalities among people. Power distance norms are reflected in the economic and cultural lives of worlds as in parent-child dealingss, husband-wife dealingss, political relations, faith and economic sciences ( Tian, 2004 ) .

Individualism-Collectivism: Individualism-Collectivism ( IDV ) describes the grade to which persons is unfastened to other members of group regardless of race ethinicity faith or gender. ( Hofstede, 2009 ) . This Dimension shows the dependence in group, work or portion played in group ( squad ) and other side it is opposite, single is active and independent and non like the person who is dependent on the organisation or society or group. In words of Adler and Gundersen, individuality versus collectivismis how the employee adress them self, is it him/herself chiefly as a separate human being or it is different the opposite being corporate portion of a group whose demands should find behavior ( KohL, 2007 ) .

Uncertainity Avoidance: Uncertainty turning away ( UAI ) deals with a society ‘s acceptence for uncertainness and uncertainty. Businesss and companies set up formal regulations, accept the existent facts and supply employees wiht greater carrer stableness and rejecting aberrant thoughts and behavior.

Masculinity versus Femininity: This dimension relates to gender differenciation.In some states adult females are rather ambitious assertive in some work forces are morecompetitive and willing to take hazards in order to achieve their ends. It is the over all public presentation consequence which makes the state Masculine or feminity driven.In states adult females values do n’t differ much as compared to the work forces from different states, work forces are really self-asserting and competitory where as adult females ‘s values on the one side, to modest and lovingness and similar to adult females ‘s values.

Long term versus Short term Orientation: Long-run Orientation is the 5th dimension of Hofstede, it was added after the old four cultural dimensions to separate the difference in believing between the East and West.This dimension measures the individual ‘s devotedness towards his/her work ethic and the regard for the tradition.

Hofstede Cultural Dimensions in UK and Mexico

Figure: Comparison of cultural dimensions in UK and Mexico ( Adapted from: ( Hofstede, 2009 ) )

United Kingdom consists of four states Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England but England entirely is more accomplished by the feelings towards individuality and masculinity.The remainder three dimensions are well on lowest rank in England. This inclination of looking after ego and immediate household ( Individualism ) and least irritation for society is seen in UK. The United kingdom shows mark of 85 ( Sims, 2006 ) .It is observed that Mexico shows the mark of 30 ( IDV ) in individualist cultural dimension, which is some what higher than other Latin states who have mark of 21 ( Hofstede, 2009 ) .

The desire for mercenary things and money the adult male depicted as a ace hero or Jesus of household where as adult females trades with the emotional concerns and household demands, Male dominant society, UK seem to be on more or so similar ranking sing gender distinction ( MAS cultural dimension ) , it has the mark of 66 where as in Latin America, Mexico has the 2nd highest Maleness ( MAS ) which is 69. In Mexico male dominates a major part of the society ( Geert Hofstede, 2009 ) .

The power distance ( PDI ) in Mexico score much more than the UK, Mexico power distance rank is 81, which exhibits a more unequal distribution of wealth compared to United Kingdom society ( Taylor, 1998-2008 ) .The United Kingdom on the cultural graduated table indicate big grade of equality between assorted social degrees and administrations keeping the mark of 35 ( Clearly Cultural, 2009 ) .

Uncertainty turning away in the Mexico is comparatively high, which can clearly be viewed through the national cultures.The highest mark of 82 indicates that society has continuios menace and anxiousness and preciseness and promptness is strong. United Kingdom scores 35 on this cultural dimension. United Kingdom has become a state with diverse population which makes it more flexible to the alterations, more unfastened to innovative thoughts even if they involve hazard ( International Business, 2008 ) .

Fons Trompennars Cultural Dimension

Trompenaars, a European research worker conducted an extended research with 15,000 directors from 28 states stand foring 47 national civilizations. His system had seven dimensions the first five were related to relationship between people the remainder two trades with are about orientations toward clip and the environment.

Universalism vs. Particularism





Internal V. External Control

Lewis Monochronic and Polychronic Peoples

Fons Trompennars Cultural Dimension in UK and Mexico

Universalism-particularism: The puting up the cosmopolitan criterions and regulations which helps in the economic activities of state on both Macro societal degree every bit good as micro-social degree makes a state universal ( Nawojczyk, 2006 ) . United Kingdom is a Universalistic state, when it comes to concern dialogue they apply the regulations ( Universal dimension ) and see to it that everything goes harmonizing to regulations.There is no alteration needed in the regulations as they are cosmopolitan and accepted by all. States like Mexico do as there higher-ups dictate them without any sentiment, they take the orders and implement them, there is a particularistic attack ( Aswathappa, 2008 ) .

Individualism-collectivism: The accent is in groups, the actions taken by single are corporate or more of individual benefit person, single benefits versus the group. UK is an individualistic society and tends to hold lesser figure of bonds ; they stand in as an person. Family or groups are non that relevant or of that significance in society, each individual battles for ego ( Handy, 2010 ) . Mexico ranked 29 of 39 is the Lowest in individuality ; they are high on Bolshevism ( Yates, 2010 ) .

Neutral-affective: Related to exhilaration, emotions control of feelings. Neutral ( self control ) hold back while affective, experience it is natural to show emotions. Some Cultures show their emotions some subdue their emotions. In United Kingdom people, seek to maintain there relationships and work separate.they do n’t portion their emotions and seek to quash there emotions and feelings they prefer more purdah when it comes to emotions One can non blend personal affairs with concern, as it might impede the advancement ( Mate, 2010 ) . Mexico is an affectional state because there emotions are natural and openly expressed. Bing a corporate civilization they express and portion their emotions and speak about it ( Williams, 2005 ) .

Specific-diffuse: In United Kingdom there is no commixture of the private life of individual with the work or concern life, Private life is separated from general populace in order to accomplish healthy working environment they believe in more specific civilization. Mexico has more of diffuse civilization because there is non much differentiation in between private and public infinite ( Workman, 2008 ) .

Achievement-ascription: This dimension is about how position and power are determined in the society. Uk is a accomplishment orientated civilization, in UK the place or position are given on footing of the single accomplishment of how good they perform, they have achievement dimension as there base. Mexico is an attribution oriented society where the position is approved on who and what ( age, category, gender and instruction ) place is the individual keeping.

Internal V. External Control: This dimension relates to nature. State that follows the internalistic civilization tends to over power and command the nature and environment. They take them self to be superior to the environment. Externalistic civilization lives in harmoniousness with nature, community and accepts nature as it is. United Kingdom ( internalistic civilization ) is ever on the expression for thoughts and steps to be taken in order to cut down the air and H2O pollution. Most of the states are choosing to much greener options in order to conserve the natural resources.

Time orientation/Sequential vs. Synchronic: Each state has got its ain response clip, some are Synchronous civilization where many things are done at the same time whereas in Sequential there is a measure by measure direction for work, they believe in planning. In Mexico, people normally do multiple things at the same clip which makes it a synchronous state ( Workman, 2008 ) . UK has Consecutive civilization as the people give attending to one work at a clip they consider clip as touchable and divisible ( Carol Kinsey Goman, 2010 ) .

Guidance for the Manager

Constructing connexions in different states is besides in a manner a cultural dimension of diverseness in the civilization. Directors ever face jobs with the motive, construction and scheme developing harmonizing to the states cultural differences. Some thing that works for United Kingdom might non precisely work for Mexico. Using the Hofstede theoretical account can supply the directors with a get downing point. They can set the cultural dimensions against the state and measure their attack, determinations, and actions, how the society might react to them. Directors ever consider both cultural dimensions when they design gross revenues schemes where both the purchasers and Sellerss come from different civilizations.

Trompenaars cultural theoretical account and Hofstede cultural theoretical account portion many similarities which can easy confound the director and can interfere in the success of the undertakings. Out of Trompenaars seven dimensions two of the dimensions are merely farther broken down from Hofstede dimensions, which are Collectivism/Individualism and power distance. Trompenaars Bolshevism is indistinguishable to Hofstede ‘s Collectivism/Individualism. Trompenaars achievement/ascription, which deals with position, is besides linked to Hofstede ‘s power distance index.

Both theoretical accounts put frontward a set of cultural dimensions along which the cardinal value systems can be disciplined. Trompenaars theoretical account is merely a one measure in front in some of the Hofstede theoretical account, it help directors understand better the trans-national undertakings and which reduces the figure of cultural misinterpretations. From Trompenaars theoretical account ( Individualism-collectivism ) directors need to see that if the state is individualistic or corporate conditions wages has to be given to the person in squad or to the whole squad.

The Managers need to make research on the national civilization along with both the cultural dimensions and look into that weather the state utilises these cultural dimensions or non. The directors need to admit and acknowledge the differences between the civilizations because certain civilizations may or may non suit into the civilization. They need to understand that certain dimensions can overlapped and this might necessitate more work.The directors need to maintain in consideration certain cultural dimensions, big versus Small Power Distance ; unequal distribution of power, this affects the behavior of both less powerful and more powerful members. Strong versus Weak Uncertainty Avoidance ; to what restrict a certain society or state would experience comfy. Masculinity and Femininity ; the gender distinction and their function they play harmonizing to the civilization and last dimension, the Long versus Short Term Orientation, clip orientation, individuality and Bolshevism. Pull offing the cultural differences in a diverse concern environment is a major challenge for international directors ; these two theoretical accounts are mere guidelines.


There is no best manner, consecutive manner to pull off the cultural differences ; the directors need to be cognizant of how these differences affect the concern. They need to believe strategically as both the states Mexico and UK have different cultural dimensions. The importance of the cultural dimensions is catching up, due to the addition in the transnational concern activities.

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