Cross Cultural Studies

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The importance of comparing different cultures.

Cultural anthropology encompasses the entirety of human beliefs, behaviors, and ideas. The absence of knowledge about other cultures would greatly impact our world. Anthropologists examine various cultures to foster understanding, acceptance, and appreciation – ultimately enriching our own culture. The Ku Klux Klan’s underlying issue is perhaps their lack of comprehension towards African-American and Jewish cultures, hindering their acceptance of diversity. Centuries of cultural imperialism have morphed into a hateful movement. Emic studies position researchers within a given culture, allowing for interaction and the exploration of new lifestyles. Spending months or even years immersed in a “different” culture leads to enhanced comprehension and acceptance. With the acquisition of cultural relativism, prominent political leaders included, war will become an aspect confined to history lessons. Cross-cultural comparison serves another purpose – cultivating a higher sense of gratitude for our own culture and environment. For instance, Peace Corps members dedicate months to years living in third-world countries, providing assistance without an explicit focus on cultural study. Nevertheless, their firsthand experience of life in developing nations offers a comprehensive understanding. Witnessing the absence of luxuries highlights the convenience of our own lives.Plentiful amounts of food, clean water, stable shelter, and adequate clothing are considered essential luxuries in our culture. Many volunteers who return from the Peace Corps adopt a new, less “extravagant” way of life compared to their previous one. Studying other cultures enriches our own culture. The influence of French, Italian, Chinese, and other cultures has shaped the cultural mosaic that defines Canada’s “Canadian culture.” Without the mixture of cultures in our country, we would still be eating meat and potatoes for every meal. The blending of cultures in Canada creates a hybrid culture that combines the best qualities of each culture while still preserving their individualities. In conclusion, cross-cultural comparisons prevent life from becoming boring and monotonous. Learning about other cultures promotes understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity, leading to the elimination of war, racism, and ethnic cleansing caused by ethnocentrism and cultural imperialism. Cultural diversity adds spice to life.

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