Cross Generational Relationships in “A Hero of Our Time” and “Fathers and Sons”

Nonetheless, cross-generational relationships can be very rewarding to both parties as both can learn countless meaningful and indispensable truths about them self. It has been said that you can learn more about yourself through the reactions and comments toward you from people around you.

The relationship that will be analyzed from the novel, A Hero of Our Time, is the one of Pechorin and Maxim Maximnych. This relationship between Pechorin and Maximnych is known as a surrogate father-son relationship. This is a very appealing relationship as Pechorin has been sent to Maxim in the Caucuses.

The cross-generational relationship that will be studied in Fathers and Sons is the one of Bazarov and Pavel. This is a very radical relationship as we bring in Nihilistic views. From the authors preface of A Hero of Our Time the following was said: “A Hero of Our Time, my dear readers, is indeed a portrait, but not of one man.

It is a portrait built up of all our generation’s vices in full bloom.; Pechorin and Maxim Maximnych came to be together when Pechorin was sent to Maxim in the Caucasus. Pechorin and Maxim build a very strong relationship almost like a father and son would. Thefirst instance where we see a bond forming between the two of them is the dispute over Pechorin;s kidnapping of Bela.

The following is a conversation between the two of them discussing the kidnapping of Bela. Maxim starts of by saying, ;Ensign, you have committed an offence for which I too may have to answer; (Lermontov 38). ;Well, why not? Have we not always shared everything equally?; says Pechorin in response.

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