Working Relationships vs Personal Relationships

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Working relationships do not allow arguing, accepting differences, discussing interests/beliefs and personal life problems between the participants of the relationship. However personal relationships do allow such things. Working relationships are established between colleagues, service users and other professionals. Sharing information on staff and service users is limited within a working relationship. Organizational policies and procedures are in place and must be followed such as data protection etc.

However with personal relationships there are no such regulations and the sharing of information has no limits. Personal relationships can also be formed with anybody. Iii) The relationship between the social care worker and service user is a type of working allegations in the adult care setting. The social care worker must have a working relationship with service users. The relationship between the social care worker and line manager is another example of a working relationship. This relationship must stay professional within the adult care setting.

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Iii) It is very important that you work in partnership with your colleagues and all other people. This will include careers, families, advocates, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, other health professionals, social workers, voluntary organizations and other people. Others people may be able to provide useful information to support you in your work and you may be able to provide useful information to support them being part of the individual’s lives. This is so called good partnership working.

If there are communication difficulties with service users. A career or family member can share information with you about how you can better communicate with an individual and how you can improve. Service users dietary restrictions, preferences and dislikes can only be aware or known from their family members r friends. So it is essential to establish a communication and maintain good relationship with service user’s family and friends. Via)l) Involve them in design making and their care plans. I. Letting them make designs such as if they would like to go out for the morning or stay in, 2) sharing information, 3) Independence- Encouraging them to do as much for themselves as possible and letting them know there is a hipping hand if needed. .VA) 1) Listen- listen to what people have to say. 2) Negotiation- Coming up with something that you all agree on. 3) Talking-Talking to each other and the clients 4) Compromise- Sometimes some things have to bend and compromising is the best option. 5) Resolving- Resolving the problem together is the best way then you have all worked as a team and all had some input.

Aviva) You can access support and advice about partnership working and conflict resolution from the following people: – colleagues – their experience may be invaluable in directing you to a resolution – supervisors – they can offer you professional advice and support you in making decisions when handling conflict – managers they will be able to assist you on legal and professional matters and can also support you in the following of organizational procedures and policies when dealing with conflict – external agencies: ICQ, Social Services, unions and careers organizations who have a wide range of support available.

You can access the support via website or by contacting them directly. ASSIGNMENT 206 TASK B Bi) Agreed ways of working:- the agreed ways of working are set of codes by the employer for the social care worker to conduct and inform service users and the public about the standards of conduct they can expect and includes legislation, practice standards and employers’ policies and procedures that should be met.

It is the responsibility of social care workers to work within the policy guidelines and following the laid -down procedures and ensuring that their conduct does not follow below the standards set out and that no action or omission on their part harms the wellbeing of service users. Bi) The importance of having full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways working. It is the requirement of the organization to adhere to relevant legislation and to form their policies and procedures in respect of new legislation changes . E. G.

Equality act 2010 is a fairly new act so necessary that it must be reflected in the organization’s policies and procedures. To ensure the safety and well being of service users, staff and the public. To ensure staff are clear on their duties, roles and responsibilities and can carry out their job in the right way. The needs of service users change, staff members change, staff skills and abilities change so support plans, guidelines ND risk assessments must reflect this, to help providing a service that the individual needs, as set out in their care plan are met.

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