Cultural Diversity and Special Populations

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This paper aims to identify a specific situation in my life where I have experienced both invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization. Invidious comparison, which is a common occurrence that affects almost everyone on a daily basis, involves the natural tendency for humans to compare themselves with others. Personally, I engage in this behavior by constantly comparing myself to different individuals at different moments – be it someone I encounter at the supermarket, someone on television, or even one of my acquaintances.

Using my admiration for her as motivation, I turned my own life around and strive to achieve the same level of success she had at her age. Looking at my life now, I feel accomplished. It has become common for people nowadays to compare themselves to others, but it is crucial that we put an end to it.

Comparisons will always exist; someone will always be stronger, smarter, more attractive, or wealthier. The key is not allowing these comparisons to affect us. Each individual possesses something unique that sets them apart. Instead of concentrating on others, we should focus on our own lives and work towards improvement.

If becoming a helper fills a void in your life – as it does in mine – then pursue it. If being a parent brings fulfillment, embrace it. Let’s cease fixating on other people’s lives and concentrate on our own.

Our purpose on this earth is simply to live; therefore, let’s stop dwelling on what we lack and take action to achieve our desires and truly experience life. Life is too short to constantly complain about what others possess. Each person must seize the moment and live their life fully.

Nevertheless, there is also the issue of vicarious traumatization which deeply affects me personally. Being an emotional and empathetic individual, I often try to respect others’ privacy when they are dealing with traumas; however, there are moments when they need someone by their side.

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