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Da Vinci Code Characters

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Langdon:He is a professor of symbology at Harvard. He is kind and extremely intelligent, and is a popular academic and author of several books at the same time. Hes an expert in religion and he is really good at solving puzzles and mysteries, so he solves Jacques Saunieres dying message (which is a puzzle) with Sophie.

Sophie:She is about 30 years old and works in French Judicial Police as a cryptologist. She lived with her grandfather since she was very young because her parents died in a car accident.

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Da Vinci Code Characters
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She is really intelligent and is an expert in solving puzzles like Robert Langdon.Jacques Sauniere:Hes the curator of Louvre and the grandfather of Sophie.

He really likes Leonardo Da Vinci and puzzles (both making and solving). When Sophie was young, he always gave Sophie puzzles. And he knows what the Teacher wants to know, so he gets murdered at the beginning of the book.The Teacher:He requests a monk of Opus Dei (a religious group) named Silas to threat Jacques Sauniere to make him tell the secret of the Holy Grail, and kill him.

Conflict:Jacques Sauniere told Silas the wrong information, which was a good thing. And Silas killed him even though he thought what Sauniere said was the secret, because the Teacher told him to kill him. However nobody except Sauniere knew the secret, so just before he died he left a super complicated puzzle which only professor Langdon and Sophie could solve. However the police think Langdon is the murderer of Sauniere.Louvre:Louvre is where Jacques Sauniere was murdered and left a puzzle for Langdon and Sophie.France:The story takes place in present time, and mostly in France.

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