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Daryl a Business Manager

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Ethical, and unethical situations
Daryl’s Unethical Decisions In The work Place

Shante Hide
Introduction to Business, Learning Goal 1
Instructor Scott Mazzuca
October 27, 2012

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Daryl a Business Manager
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Daryl the manager in the marketing department of a mid-sized Midwestern Corporation is doing some very unethical things. Daryl is not being honest because, he is committing a plagiarism to others work. Daryl is having his co-workers to research and write a book that he hopes to claim fame for one day. Daryl is also being unethical because he is not being fair to others in the work place by having the secretary, and two other employees complete a book for him, when they should be doing their job as an employee of the marketing department.

Daryl is not being fair to the other managers because he take up the secretary’s time on researching and writing his book, when other managers need her assistance as well. However; his unethical behavior about the book would be illegal because he did not do it himself, and publishing it would be dishonest.

Daryl’s readers could find out and lose respect and trust for his unethical behavior.
Daryl needs to think about the outcome of his actions as a business manager, and how it affects others not only in the work place, but also society. Darryl need to ask himself three questions that would make him have a change of heart about the situation he is creating unethically.
1. Is my purpose action legal
2. Is it balanced
3. How would it make me feel about myself
Daryl’s action is not legal because, he is using other employees to do personal work for him under a company’s policy that does not allow these actions. Daryl is also trying to use others work to make fame for him. Daryl actions are also unbalanced because the secretary those other managers also need to do their job duties, and not being fair to the employees because they don’t get paid to do personal work for him. Overall, he is being unethical to the whole Midwestern Corporation,.

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