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Unethical Behavior in Toyota Company

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  • Pages 2
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    In 2007, Toyota created a catastrophe all over the nation causing 2262 incidents including: 815 crashes and 314 injuries. Toyota had built over 8. 5 million defected vehicles (bad accelerators) and sent them out to be sold to customers knowingly these vehicles were dangerous to individuals. Unethical behavior includes the Japanese purposely failing to mention the defect in the accelerator system so they could keep up their sales to become the number one selling automobile company in the United Sates.

    The company was looking to make money and were not ordered about the fact they were going to hurt many individuals in the society. “In a 2009 presentation called, ‘Wins for Toyota Safety Group,” it shows that in 2007, Toyota purposely and repeatedly delayed safety regulations by avoiding defect investigations and obstructing government inquiries into safety concerns” . Jeez, M. Toyota made a huge unethical decision by not having their safety issues checked out. Hind the only ethical decision for Toyota was to have the problem review and fix the issues right away instead of letting thousands of individuals suffer and/or become harmed in any way. After months of this story in the court system Toyota was fined with providing replacement vehicles to all owners of their vehicles until repairs were made and the vehicles were declared safe to drive and Toyota also had to pay for counseling for those individuals who were traumatized by all of this commotion.

    Financially, Toast’s sales had dropped over 16% because of the recalls and suspensions . Personally, I feel Toyota should have been held reliable for a lot more than what they received, because millions of people could have died room this stupid act. Greed took over Toyota, which caused their decisions to be unethical, and all they care about is getting their money and being number one in the United States, and not caring if the vehicle is safe for you or me to drive.

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