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Dashain Sample

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The first twenty-four hours of Dashain is called Ghatasthapana. which literally means pot set uping. On this twenty-four hours the kalash. ( holy H2O vas ) symbolizing goddess Durga frequently with her image embossed on the side is placed in the supplication room. The kalash is filled with holy H2O and covered with cowdung on to which seeds are sown. A little rectangular sand block is made and the kalash is put in the Centre. The environing bed of sand is besides seeded with grains.

The ghatasthapana rite is performed at a certain auspicious minute determined by the astrologists. At that peculiar minute the priest intones a welcome. bespeaking goddess Durga to bless the vas with her presence.

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Dasain GharThe room where the kalash is established is called ‘Dashain Ghar’ . Generally adult females are non allowed to come in the room where Dashain puja is being carried out. A priest or a family adult male worships the kalash mundane one time in the forenoon and so in the eventide.

The kalash and the sand are sprinkled with holy H2O everyday and it is shielded from direct sunshine. By the 10th twenty-four hours. the seed will hold grown to five or six inches long xanthous grass. The sacred xanthous grass is called ‘Jamara’ . It is bestowed by the seniors atop the caputs of those younger to them during the last five yearss when tika is put on. The jamara is taken as a item of Goddess Durga every bit good as the seniors approval.

As yearss base on ballss by regular rites are observed till the 7th twenty-four hours. The 7th twenty-four hours is called ‘Fulpati’ . On this twenty-four hours the jamara to be used by the royal family is brought from their hereditary royal house in Gorkha about a hundred and 60 nine kilometres off over the hills north west of the vale of Kathmandu. A parade is held in the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace. The fulpati. i. e. the emanation bearing the jamara and other points necessary for the tika. is brought from Gorkha after a three twenty-four hours walk and most of the authorities functionaries are thirstily waiting for the fulpati parade to get at Rani Phokari in the afternoon. Rani Phokari country is filled with 100s of authorities functionaries meticulously attired in the traditional formal frock.

In fulpati. the royal kalash filled with holy H2O. banana chaffs. jamara and sugar cane tied with ruddy fabric is carried by Brahmans from the hereditary royal house on a decorated palankeen under a gold tipped and embroideredumbrella. led by the military platoon of the royal priest. The authorities functionaries besides join the fulpati parade. Whilst the fulpati parade is heading towards the old royal castle. His Majesty the King observes the ceremonials taking topographic point in Tundikhel. the ground forces parade land in the centre of the metropolis. There a olympian show of the Royal Nepalese Army is held. Guns are fired and the full vale reverberations with the resonance sound of it. The fire continues for 10 to fifteen proceedingss to honor the fulpati. By the clip the map ends the royal fulpati is already taken inside the Dashain ghar in Hanuman Dhoka Palace. With this the Dashain banqueting starts.

Maha AsthamiThe 8th twenty-four hours is called the ‘Maha Asthami’ . The excitement of worship and forfeit to Durga and Kali additions. On this twenty-four hours many Orthodox Hindus will be fasting. Forfeits are held in about every house through out the twenty-four hours. The dark of the 8th twenty-four hours is called ‘Kal Ratri’ . the dark dark. Hundreds of caprine animals. sheep and American bisons are sacrificed at the female parent goddess temples. In the darkness of the dark Durga temples. ground forces barracks. and old castles all over Nepal clasp forfeits for the female parent goddess. The forfeit continues till morning. The old castle in Basantapur Hanuman Dhoka. is active throughout the dark with worships in about every courtyard. While the puja is being carried out great banquets are held in the places of common people where big sum of meat are consumed.

NawamiThe 9th twenty-four hours is called ‘Nawami’ . The Taleju temple at Hanuman Dhoka is opened for the public merely one time a twelvemonth on this twenty-four hours. Thousands of people go and pay their regard to the goddess twenty-four hours. Temples of female parent goddess are filled with people from morning boulder clay twilight. On this twenty-four hours the official military forfeits are held in the ‘Kot’ courtyard at Hanuman Dhoka. The authorities allows aliens to witness this map so 100s of tourers and diplomats thirstily gather here. Animals largely black American bisons are slaughtered by 100s to honor Durga the goddess of triumph and might and to seek her approval. Military sets play war melodies. guns roar and officers with attractively decorated decorations in full unvarying base at that place. When the map ends the courtyard is filled ankle deep with blood. On this really twenty-four hours the God Vishwas Karma. the God of creativeness is besides worshiped. All mills. vehicles. any machinery instruments and anything from which we make a life are worshiped. We besides give forfeits to all traveling machinery like autos. airplanes. trucks etc. to acquire the approval from goddess Durga for protection for vehicles and their residents against accidents during the twelvemonth. The full twenty-four hours is colorful.

Turning ‘jamara’ all over. even on one’s caput! The 10th twenty-four hours is the ‘Dashami’ . On this twenty-four hours we take tika and jamara from our seniors and receive their approval. We visit our seniors in their place and acquire tika from them while our younger 1s come to our place to have approval from us. The importance of Dasain besides lies in the fact that on this twenty-four hours household members from far off and distant relations come for a visit every bit good as to have tika from the caput of the household. This map continues for four yearss. His Majesty besides receives tika from the royal priests and so gives on tika to his loyal topics. Thousands of loyal Nepali people every bit good as aliens besides receive tika from His Majesty the King as this is said to be auspicious. After four yearss of hotfooting about and run intoing your relations Dashain ends on the full Moon twenty-four hours. the 15th twenty-four hours. In the last twenty-four hours people stay at place and remainder. The full Moon twenty-four hours is besides called ‘Kojagrata’ significance ‘who is awake’ . The Hindu goddess of wealth Laxmi is worshipped. On this twenty-four hours the goddess Laxmi is given an invitation to see each and everyone.

After Dashain the state settles back to normal. After having the approval of goddess Durga. people are ready to work and get virtuousness. power and wealth. Dashain therefore is non merely the longest festival but besides the most awaited one among all the festivals of Nepal.

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