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DBQ declaration of independence

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In the mist of 1776-1877. did the United States carry out all the ends that were stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence and Constitution had many different ends and thoughts in head for the United States at the clip. The United States partly realized the some of the values stated in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. but besides did carry through some the ends mentioned in the paperss. The rules in the Declaration of Independence were applied to some.

and the major ends in the Constitution were non entirely realized. Some of the ends that were partly realized were equality and women’s rights. some might state that these ends were or weren’t realized in the paperss.

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DBQ declaration of independence
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The end of everyone holding rights and holding equality was met in the declaration of independency and the fundamental law. It stated in the Declaration of independency “We hold these truths to be axiomatic. that all work forces are created equal” ( Doc A ) .

This statement means that all people should be equality treated and have the same rights as everyone else. This quotation mark is of import because it shows that it’s obvious that all Americans are equal and should hold the equal chance to make what they want. In the preamble of the fundamental law it states that “…secure the approvals of autonomy to ourselves and our posterity” ( Doc C ) .

This means that the good consequences from our freedom will be protected for the coevalss to come. It is of import because it reaffirms the thought of autonomy and equality to all Americans. To see that all work forces were created equal the Bill of Rights was added into the fundamental law. The measure of rights insured that the rights of the single citizens would be protected. The first 10 amendments make up the measure of rights ( Doc F ) . These ends that were accomplished by the declaration and the fundamental law are of import because it assures that all Americans have their rights and that they are all treated every bit.

Some of the ends of the declaration of independency and the fundamental law were non to the full realized. For illustration in the missive Abigail Adams wrote to John Adam she stated that “I desire you would retrieve the ladies and be more generous to them so your ascendants. ” ( Doc B ) . This papers explains how Abigail Adams wrote a missive to the President. her hubby toilet Adams explicating her position on how adult females should hold rights. It’s of import because they had an thought that the adult females should hold rights to acquire an instruction so that they can educate the kids ( work forces ) to go better citizens. From the Declaration of Seneca falls women’s rights convention Elizabeth Cady Stanton was quoted stating “The history of world is a history of perennial hurts and trespasss on the portion of adult male toward adult females. ” ( Doc J ) . This means that the thoughts of equality. autonomy. and unalienable rights were combating in American civilisation with common Torahs and spiritual traditions of the understanding of hubby and married woman. It is of import because this end was non realized until after this clip.

Womans wanted rights every bit same as everyone else. In the tribunal instance Dred Scott v. Sanford the US Supreme Court main justness Roger Taney was quoted stating “ [ inkinesss ] had no rights which the white adult male was bound to esteem ; and the Negro might rightly and legitimately be reduced to slavery. ” ( Doc L ) . This quotes means that even though inkinesss had no rights. the Whites should still hold regard for them. they are people excessively. It’s of import because it’s another end that the declaration of independency and fundamental law didn’t realize. All work forces should be created equal and be treated the same. Some of the ends of the two paperss were non realized.

Some people may state that the ends of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were or were non realized but I say that they are partly met. Harmonizing to

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