Death Penalty: a Dilemma or a Solution?

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            Nowadays, rampant crimes are happening around the world. No matter what punishments are, people are still forced to do bad things against the law. As a result, government or the authority implemented the heaviest form of punishment-death penalty.

            In our present time, over 137 countries are implementing this cruel act of punishment.

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Death penalty was legalized to stop or to alleviate crime cases although it is an inhumane act of punishing. Countries who implemented this law thought that through this, people will be threatened to do offenses.

Moreover, some believe that a person who had made the crime must also pay his own life. This applies especially for those families who had lost one of their family members because of the crime. It is the form of justice for them.

            In this world where we live, it seems that capital punishments from either any authorities or government itself are not really working to stop any crimes. Even if people know the laws, they still tend to break them.  As Jesse Jackson explains, “The emotionally charged environment in which these crimes take place do not suggest a coolly calculating murderer weighing his options.”They will just realize the consequence of what they did after the crime has been done.

            Furthermore, this will just force other people to commit a crime without any hesitations. The government and authorities showed that they are not valuing one’s life because of sentencing a criminal to death.

                Researchers found that murder rates in neighboring countries have no difference with or without the capital punishment. Researchers proved that it is really difficult to find the connection of crime rate and execution. It was never justified.

            For example, in Canada, the rate of crimes remains still the same as during the time the death penalty was implemented even if the death penalty was abolished for twenty years. Only the crimes like homicide and murder fluctuated. But then, there are still crimes aside from these two. It simply shows that if the government wants to threaten people in breaking law, this is not the best punishment.

            Lots of issues and debates are arising because of its implementation. Issues about morality make its stand complicated. It says that this form of punishment violates human rights like the right to live and the right not to be subjected to any cruelty.

            It is just creating lots of dilemmas that are not helpful in the progress of any country.

            Even if the government has sentenced a criminal with death penalty, in some cases, they will still stop the execution. But if someone has been sentenced to this, it will still take lots of years before its implementation. This is just a disorganized and not an effective type of punishment.

            In conclusion with this, it does not show the effectiveness of death penalty.

            It is not just the only way to punish someone who made a serious crime. It can be a life-time imprisonment without giving parole. Through this, the government can still show that they value the life of every people. There will be no issues about morality and violations of rights.

            Even a criminal still has the chance to change and make his/her life meaningful.


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