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Vengeful Equity: Sentencing Women to Prison

Mandatory sentencing


Words: 1936 (8 pages)

This paper will address the issues surrounding the criminal incarceration of women in American society through the discussion of the views of Meda Chesney-Lind in her 1997 paper “Vengeful Equity: Sentencing Women to Prison.” It will present critical reasons of incarceration dealing with the onset of the “Rockefeller Laws,” problems with translation, and results. In…

Indeterminate & Structured Sentencing


Mandatory sentencing

Words: 739 (3 pages)

The idea of Indeterminate Sentencing is both worrisome and objectionable, as it allows the legislature to set the boundaries for a crime but leaves the judge with the responsibility of deciding the exact punishment for the offender. After examining this data, I strongly believe that while judges should have some discretion in sentencing, they should…

Description of Crimes by Crime Policy Analyst Nathan James


Mandatory sentencing

Words: 711 (3 pages)

Yes, it surprises me very much. Was not expecting to read that at all. I guess mainly because I figured that most elderly people would have a lot more common sense not to do that, and the fact that how are they TABLE to be doing this kind of stuff at their age some of…

Frequently Asked Questions about Mandatory sentencing

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Is mandatory sentencing a good thing?
1. They can lead to a decrease in serious crime. ... Because of the severe sentencing guidelines that are required by a mandatory sentence, it can reduce crime levels in all targeted categories. The goal of this type of sentence is to make the value of the crime be less than the value in following the law.
What is the problem with mandatory sentencing?
Mandatory minimum sentences result in lengthy, excessive sentences for many people, leading to injustices, prison crowding, high costs for taxpayers — and less public safety.
Why is mandatory sentencing important?
Mandatory minimums often apply to nonviolent drug offenders, forcing judges to harshly punish those who pose the least physical danger to communities. While the goal of mandatory minimums may have been fairness, they've instead caused an imbalance in the courtroom that has helped drive mass incarceration.

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