Death Penalty Implementation

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Political science major Nikolai Pascasio, meanwhile, pointed out that the death penalty could just be an ‘easy way out’ for convicts to escape the punishment of languishing in prison for years. Another political science major, Vertine Beler, said he’s indifferent over the death penalty issue, adding that regardless of whether it’s re-imposed or not, criminals will continue to commit crimes with little fear or restraint as long as the police are inept and the justice system is so frustratingly slow.

Let it be resolved that the DEATH PENALTY be reenacted in the Philippines.Ladies and gentlemen, recently I knew that the Death penalty is more formally known as Capital Punishment. But I guess many people know that already. Recently, I just knew that in this scale of penalty, the convicted will be put to death.

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What I’d like to tell you this morning is if the death penalty a benefit for anyone. If yes, in what way is it beneficial? I have here some information I gathered from bjmp. gov. ph.

This website is officially owned by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. According to their data, as of May 2012, we have 69735 inmates nationwide.The population of our prisons in the Philippines is just 937. Also, according to their data, the prisons’ capacity is only 21929.

Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, that our jailing system is operating in 318% of its capacity. It is operating 218% over its capacity. To put it simply, imagine a cell which is built for 10 people having 31. Imagine a prison which can only accommodate 1000 people having 3180.

This overpopulation among jails heads to lack of food, lack of space and lack of peace of mind. Such conditions are physically, emotionally and psychologically harmful for the inmates.As a layperson — as someone who is not an expert of the laws, not a scientist or anything –, I come to think, in light of these facts, that the death penalty will really be a help for the convicted to get out of their horrifying situation. I also thought that it will also be beneficial for their families.

How? Well, because of the DEATH PENALTY, they don’t have to think about how their family member spends sleepless nights in jail, how he lives an uncomfortable life there and how he struggles against hunger and abuse. Ladies and gentlemen, let us put an end to their sufferings. Let us reenact the Death Penalty.DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE REIMPOSED 1.

Using it on high ranking officials guilty on corruption as to instill fear to the politicians 2. Is will increase our budget by reducing its cost on prisoners 3. I believe that death penalty should be reimposed because it will serve as example to other would-be criminals, to deter them from committing murder or terrorist acts. The criminals must be punish for their act and obtain retribution on behalf of the victims.

… ARTICLE III BILL OF RIGHTS Section 19. (1) Excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment inflicted.Neither shall death penalty be imposed, unless, for compelling reasons involving heinous crimes, the Congress hereafter provides for it. Any death penalty already imposed shall be reduced to reclusion perpetua.

With the rise of crimes in the country nowadays, death penalty has been an issue again. While I was on my Communications II class, we tackled this issue and we debated on whether we want the reimplementation or not. PRO Most of my classmates, knowing there are many reasons why, chose that death penalty should be, once again, legalize. The present situation of the Philippines now is that the country is obviously suffering from poverty.

Addition to this, Philippines’ crime rate is still high. With these issues that devastates the country today, death penalty can be a solution. If death penalty shall be implemented once again in the country, crime rates will possibly decrease. For this can somehow “discourage” criminals to kill because fear will be instill in their minds, that is if they still have fear.

Since death penalty can lessen criminals, the population of the Philippines will decrease as well. This is an advantage because the current situation of the country is still under the line of overpopulation.Lifetime imprisonment does not only waste the government’s money for their food and security rather shall impose to the countrymen that the government is serious about the number of crimes happening in the country. Justice, as we know, can be bought in the Philippines.

It is always unfair when a rich criminal is imprisoned than a marginalized criminal forced to did such action because of poverty. Death penalty can erase this gap. The criminals does not only ruin their own reputation but also of the place they came from. Take for example the Maguindanao massacre, are the Ampatuans the only feared of the people or even the place itself?Thus, these killers of the society pollutes the image of the place they came from.

Punishment shall be imposed to the criminals with high record in the government. However, this does not include those people who have killed only an individual. This can apply to grave massacres, or related crimes. When death penalty will be impose in the country, the possibility that the freed criminals can kill another person be lessen.

Let us not forget that the four walls of religion do not only make who we are. It is only a part of our life. The best for the society shall be implemented in whatever ways.

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