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Decolonization in India

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION History, Politics & Society Summer School 2010 4-24 July 2010 British Politics, 1900-1945 Tutor: Dr Tom Buchanan British politics in this period witnessed great change: the impact of two world wars, the introduction of universal suffrage, the sudden arrival of the Labour Party as a governing force, and the rise (and fall) of trade union militancy. This course will examine the nature of these changes, as well as explaining the significant elements of continuity – such as the dominance of the Conservative Party in the inter-war years.

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Decolonization in India
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There will also be an opportunity to reassess the role played by leading politicians such as Lloyd George, Stanley Baldwin, Ramsay MacDonald, Oswald Mosley and Winston Churchill. Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Edwardian Britain, 1900-1914 The First World War and British politics, 1914-1918 The politics of the 1920s The 1931 crisis and the politics of the 1930s Appeasement and the spectre of fascism, 1932-1939 The Second World War and British politics

Please note: This course schedule is intended to give an overview of the topics to be covered in each session; however, it may be liable to change at the tutor’s discretion.

READING LIST Clarke, Peter. 2004. Hope and Glory: Britain, 1900-2000 (Second revised edition). Penguin. [This will be the main text for the course] McKibbin, Ross. 2000. Classes and Cultures: England, 1918-1951. Oxford University Press. A collection of essays giving insight into social change during this period] Pugh, Martin. 2002. The Making of Modern British Politics, 1867-1945 (Third revised edition). Blackwell. [This is also highly recommended as an introductory text] Taylor, A J P. 1965. English History, 1914-1945. Oxford University Press. [Characteristically insightful, although now rather dated] Thorpe, Andrew. 1993. The Longman Companion to Britain in the Era of Two World Wars, 1914-45.

Longman. ]An excellent source of factual information] Tom Buchanan, MA, DPhil, FRHistS, is Reader in Modern History at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford. He has published three books and numerous articles on Britain’s involvement in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. The information in this document is available in other formats on request

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