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Definition of International Cuisine

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How is international cuisine defined ended Intention cuisine means the different cooking from around the world. Each country has its own well known food to represent that country. Each cuisine also has an art in it self showing which country it belongs to. What influenced the cuisine of particular countries?

Land- many different lands have patrician food to be recognized by Example: Brazil recognized is by Aficionado Italy is recognized by Risotto Canada is recognized Pouting Religion- Many different religions has specific food because they are not lowed to have that specific food Example: Islam- Muslims can eat meat, but when the animal is being slaughtered it has to be said in a God name.

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Definition of International Cuisine
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If the animal is not slaughtered by Gods’ name or it has been slaughtered by a machine that meat would not be allowed for Muslims to eat.

Hindus- Hindus are not allowed to have beef as it is from a cow and cows are sacred to Hindus.

However some Hindus can have other meat, but some Hindus are extremely strict that they wont allow any meat Catholics don’t eat meat on Friday during Lent Who or what promotes or affects international cuisine? People who travel or go on a holiday demand something unique and different from the food they have at home and the food they have at the place they are at.

Migrants might want something that is different, but still reminded them of home. The multimedia and people who watch TV and who would like to try something that has been advertised on the W. What is the customer demand in the UK for international food (ethnic groups who live in the ELK, international travel, speed of importing goods)? Many cultural and religions are coming over to the ASK. These people build takeaways and restaurants which gives people in the UK a variety of different food people can have.

We have many take sways and restaurant so people who come to the UK for business and holiday have some type of food which reminds them of home. Explain the impact that international cuisine have had in your area (range of food outlets, food ranges in supermarket)? In the area live in, there are many different take sways.

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