Golden orange mouth watering

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Time Is Frozen From the little swing I see everything from the big black beetle to nice friendly people. As the happy sisters sit in their places with ivy locking them into a maze. The cool, soft breeze skips around them, flowers bloom as they stand and plants of all sizes and colors fill up the empty spaces. Interesting and fascinating creatures belong to this community of self-entangled living . People come; people go while the houses in the forest stay. Fruits ripen by the day, as time continues to fly by. Birds chirp away and butterflies enter the Arden, their colors becoming one with the nurturing soil.

The sun sets and rises and the dark green trees stand tall and straight, like little tin soldiers. Time is frozen for the little houses, while I watch everything else that goes on. Memories come and leave us, for centuries have passed and are still to come. Laughter and tears are the heartbeat of this natural song and giggles and frowns the melody. The dances that accompany this song are viewed among all, life and death among them. Cultures and religions are stored as a reminder of the past, while families continue to grow.

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Winters come; summers go, while I watch the sun and moon dance around. Stars the background dancers that tell a story of their own. Inside this special garden, peace is gifted as evil bangs on its doors. Though inside this safe secure haven, no harm can be done, as this ancient get-a-way has no means of being destructed. Some try to capture these joyful moments, though they can never take the peace away. A simple click of a camera cannot preserve these times of their own, during which nature is a prized possession. For keeping this garden is to be.

Although none can ever own this fascinating place of it’s own, some tend to decide on this gardens fate, which can never truly be told. During these tiring moments the garden forces itself along its way, through hardship and friendship. It’s sweet and sour lemons, bright hibiscus, dark green mint and red roses give the garden confusing scents, which are all part of this garden’s wonderful natural perfume. Throughout this whole lively and energetic song, golden orange mouth watering mangoes and lime green smooth shiny coconuts give an occasional soft thud.

Time passes at the blink of an eye, though is precious none the less. The song continues swinging at its own pulse and drags the dances on. As they continue to thrive wonder what time is made from and who could have possibly discovered it, realize that time itself was just meant to be. While the trees continue to sing and while the moon and sun dance around, and through the cycles of all things natural I watch and wonder and think. Maybe there are things that just aren’t meant to be seen, when my eyelids shut wishing for another day to come and hoping for the future to be only better.

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