The beauty in the structure

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Not everybody is knowledgeable about all the different kinds of homes that there are today, but everyone can at least tell you about what they want for their dream home. Possibly they would like a cute little white cottage, with its country feel and laid-back atmosphere. Travel deeper into the woods and you may want to live in a rustic log cabin with elk antler chandeliers, taxidermy animal heads mounted on the wall, and a bear skin rug. Maybe you enjoy the peace and beauty of the world and would like to live in a tall Japanese style goad.

Koki ponds with soothing waterfalls, gentle swaying willow trees, and the sweet smell of the freshly blooming cherry blossoms in the spring would be the perfect thing to sip your morning cup of tea to. In my family, we try to bring the style of our homelands in Holland into our own homes here in America as much as we can. Therefore my dream home would be the proud style of a Tudor or Dutch Colonial. What exactly makes a Tudor home stand out from other homes? Known more as Tudor Revivals, they are modern remakes of the old medieval town homes.

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Back then the structural framework was shown as part of the style. Today, they are imitated with decorative half-timbering with either stucco, stone, or brick in-between. They have tall and narrow windows, filled with numerous small panes, giving the home a sense of old world sophistication and class. The doors tend to be low profile as to not pull away from the rest of the beauty in the structure. They have steeply pitched roofs, some of which today may resemble the traditional thatched roof. Also on one or both sides of the building there is a booming and prominent chimney.

Nothing states a home’s presence like a fluffy smoke floating from the chimney on a cool fall afternoon. Tudor style homes are perfect for making a statement in a small town. On the other hand, I grew up in the forest area of the country, and what we lived in at that time had a bit more of a cottage feel. The Dutch Colonial style of home is a great way to go back to my roots where grew up. There are a few different types of colonial homes but what makes the Dutch Colonial distinct from them is that it looks a lot like a barn.

The roof usually has what are called “hips” and this is what gives it its unique appearance. This style of roof is called a Gambler roof. The entry way has a small porch under an overhanging eave. These are small sections of roof that are extended out over a certain area such as doors or windows. Also the porch may extend the width of the house, and considering that I love a big porch, that may be what would choose. The siding may be stone, brick, wood clapboarding, or even shingled.

The chimneys are gable ended, which means that they come out of the roof instead of being alongside the entire all. The building itself is also one and a half to two stories tall. The Dutch Colonial may truly bring in a country feel like where I used to live, but would it would fit me? In conclusion I would absolutely love either the Tudor or the Dutch Colonial style of home. Both can be sided with brick or stone, and stone is what I would prefer. On the other hand their roofs are very different, where as one has a steep roof, and the other appears more like a county barn.

Most importantly the Dutch Colonial has cute eaves over its doorways, then again he Tudor is generally flat but has much decoration with the false timbering. Finally the Tudor style of home seems to be best suited for living in town, where the other is better suited for out in the country. I will have much to think about in deciding my dream style of home. Nonetheless, so long as I have my Dutch heritage in mind, I feel confident that I will make the right choice.

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