Is True Beauty Inside or Out Essay

Is True Beauty Inside or Out Is True Beauty Inside or Out In today’s society beauty is seen as what one looks like on the outside. Very few people believe that every person is beautiful in his or her own way. There are two types of beauty; there is inner beauty and outer beauty. In the essay both types of beauty will be talked about. The difference in both and the similarities of both will be covered within this paper.

Many say that if you are beautiful and one has no flaws then he or she is a true beauty. What is true beauty and does it lie inside of inner beauty or outer beauty.

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Is True Beauty Inside or Out
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Outer Beauty When a man or women is called beautiful or flawless it normally means he or she is beautiful on the outside. It is something one is born with. Outer beauty is the physical attraction that a man or women holds. This is what attracts many men to women and women to men.

The average women that would be considered one with outer beauty would be skinny or around the typical weight for her height. She would have the hair that is always fixed not one strand out of place, and make up would be put on with no blemishes.

Most men and women with the outer beauty are one’s that focus on keeping that attractiveness. Almost all males and females that know he or she is good looking will think about another persons feeling or wellbeing. Inner Beauty This type of beauty is something that one is not born with. A person that holds beauty from within is more focused on helping others and volunteering. Someone who has inner strength has found this by relying on God and always keeping a positive attitude about different actions that happen through life.

One good aspect of having inner beauty is that he or she has the strength to tell others no. This type of person will not let another person bring him or her down. His or her spirit is to strong. A big part of having inner beauty is to be one’s self. Unlike outer beauty a person with inner is not always skinny or of average weight. He or she does not have the hair with each strand in place, or the flawless makeup. One with this beauty is not concerned with the way he or she looks.

So that one person may not look like a super model or a celebrity from a movie, but he or she is just as beautiful as someone with outer beauty. Similarities Inner beauty and outer beauty are two completely different types of beauty. It is hard to find ways that each type of beauty is similar. One way is that whether one has inner or outer it still makes them the same. Even though, it is very rare a person with outer beauty can also have inner beauty. Both are considered true beauties. Conclusion

Is true beauty from within or is it visible on the outside. Many say that outer beauty is what a true beauty is, other say true beauty is when someone is beautiful on the inside. A person could ask anyone walking down the street what his or her opinion is about true beauty. One would get answers of all sorts. For example: one woman may say true beauty is on the outside because it is what one looks like, another woman may say it comes from the inside, and a third woman may believe that is comes from both inside a person and from the outside.

What really does true beauty mean. The Beauty Spa (2010) stated, “True beauty shines through for the wise can see through the superficiality of perfect skin or hidebound social judgments. ” (Beauty Opinions on Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty, para. 1). True beauty is both inner and outer, whether one is physically attractive, beautiful from within. References The Beauty Spa. (2010). Beauty Opinions on Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty. Retrieved from http://www. beautyopinion. net.

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