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Descriptive: Roller Coaster Ride



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    When I was younger, I used to love going to amusement parks because roller coasters fascinated me. These beastly machines are usually made of steel or wood, can go as fast as 120 miles per hour, and reach the height of 420 feet. It amazes me why average people Ilke me would trade the tranquility of the ground to be high up In the air, being tossed around with such brutality and roughness, Ilke vegetables In a food processor.

    Even still I enjoyed riding these fast amazing machines, sometimes so fast, that no matter how hard I tried to scream, my cry would not come out, as if it was rapped inside my body. I specifically liked the steel roller coasters with several loops, for they would give me the sensation of being spun around like rotating car wheels. The wooden roller coasters are also very fun because they sway much more than the steel ones, bringing back good childhood memories of when my dad would push me on the swings.

    What I enjoy the most about these captivating rides, and what makes me want to ride them again, is the thrill and excitement of having survived them. As I became older and gained more responsibilities and duties, going to theme parks ecame less frequent, but the excitement of riding roller coasters still Intrigues and amuses me. Roller coaster rides are thrilling and exhilarating because of their speed, their hills, and their loops, Roller coaster rides are thrilling and exhilarating because of their speed.

    I used to think these scream rides went much faster than they actually do, but they simply pick up speed very fast, giving the feeling and impression of zooming through the wind. The air will gush at my face, making me believe I’m in the middle of a storm, or urricane, which makes my hair go all over the place, as if I had recently received a really horrible haircut. The air flowing also gives me the chills, tensing me up inside and making me unable to move, Just like the last time I had to play my instrument in public.

    Roller coaster rides can also be thrilling and excltlng because of their hills. The first rise Is the best and most enjoyable, usually because Its the highest hill. Going up that slope can be very scary because I never know what to expect once I get to the top. After arriving at the peak, an awful, but at the same time wonderful feeling at the pit f my stomach comes on to me, reminding me of the last time I departed on an airplane.

    Even though the other hills are smaller, I take pleasure in them because of their multiple ups and downs, as if I repeatedly kept going up and down an elevator. Finally, roller coaster rides are thrilling and exciting because of their loops. The most enjoyable roller coasters contain several loops, specifically two or three loops one right after the other. As I board the ride, I anticipate the loops for they make me feel like I am free, making me believe I can actually fly through space, like a newborn bird hat Just learned how to flap Its wings.

    They also give me the sense of twirling through the air, Ilke a professional ballerina whirling to soothing music. speed, for they give the sense of zipping throught the air, and can even make my eyes tear because of the air gushing at my face. These scream rides are also thrilling because of their hills, for they make me feel anxious at its peak. Finally, these monstrous machines are exhilarating because of their loops, for they give me the sense I can swivel and freely fly like a bird.

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