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Vertical roller mill lead blast furnace slag processing equipment

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    With the development of China’s steel industry, the increasing displacement of blast furnace slag, slag pile up over the years has been nearly 15107t, covers an area of ?approximately 1000km2. To deal with these residues, the state spends huge amounts of money and the railway line built slag field, wasting a lot of manpower and resources. Blast furnace slag belonging silicate material, but also melt at 1400 ? ~ 1600 ? high temperature formation, thus facilitating the materials processed into many varieties. Water quenched into granulated slag (the slag) is the production of cement, slag bricks and blocks of good material; by acute cold expanded slag into beads or expanded slag, do lightweight aggregate concrete; blow molding can manufacture various slag wool kinds of insulation, insulation materials; casted do wear hot casting slag; do roll forming glass-ceramics; weight slowly cooled slag into blocks of stone can be used instead of ordinary construction projects. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of blast furnace slag is very important.
    Vertical Roller Mill
    First, the use of blast furnace slag must be ground into powder, it would need to use the industrial mill and crusher. Slag higher hardness than natural ore fine and softness, so the mills are generally choose vertical roller mill. Dawn Heavy Industries Europe LM vertical mill absorb advanced technology combined with our years of design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand, after years of painstaking design of improved large-scale grinding equipment. Vertical roller mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one, especially in the large grinding process, fully meet customer demand, the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. In particular, has a number of advantages in the steel mill blast furnace slag: construction investment costs low, run…

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