Diamond Foam has broad target market in Pakistan

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Executive Summary

This survey falls into three parts. The first portion gives operations/transformation procedure in Diamond Foam and Pak Electron LTD.In this portion the different schemes like marketine, competitory precedences and corporate schemes has been discussed for each organization.In 2nd portion the different constructs or models like stock list direction, public presentation measuring, entire quality direction, capacity planning and supply concatenation design has been taken.I have taken different instance surveies to explicate the different methodologies.In the 3rd portion the impact of the different constructs and models has been shown on each of the organisation.

a ) Selling Schemes of Diamond Foam

Positioning Scheme

Customer perceives Diamond Foam is high quality froth. Foam is high involvement merchandise and people see monetary value and quality before purchase it.

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Target Market

Diamond Foam has wide mark market in Pakistan because any merchandise requires foam is their mark market and individual used that froth is their mark client. Customers in south part are furniture salesrooms and in north part are traders and they non sell their merchandises to end-users. Diamond Foam used merchandise development scheme with different merchandise in current market.

Marketing Mix Strategy


Merchandises that are sold by Diamond Foam are

Spring mattress

Bed sheets/comforter

Foam mattress

Foam merchandises A


Quality facets of Diamond Foam ‘s merchandises are given below.

Complete peace of head for their clients Diamond Foam ne’er foregoes their duty in complete quality control. A good mattress is n’t merely dependent on its high quality criterion but besides the quality of after-sale service that gives you enduring comfort and security.

Diamond Foam has a quality control section who manufactured merchandises and processes harmonizing to SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures ) for efficient and hazard-free operations.

Diamond Foam offer high quality slumber merchandises that are outstanding values with all the healthful benefits of a good dark.


Features of merchandises that are manufactured by Diamond Foam ‘s are given below.

Offer high quality slumber merchandises that are outstanding values with all the healthful benefits of a good dark.

Medically it is proven that non everybody is comfy kiping on a field surface, and Diamond Foam trade name, Dolce Vita Adjustable bed, gives you that option to raise your caput or pess to a place where you are most comfy.

Brand Name

Foam mattress

Europedic Memory Foam

Spring mattress

Dolce Vita Pocket Spring Mattresss

Dolce Vita Bonnell Spring Mattress

Diamond Jumbolon

Jumbolon Board

Jumbolon Spray

Jumbolon Rolls

Life manner merchandises

Dolce Vita Recliner

Dolce Vita Adjustable bed


Diamond Foam provides good screen and polythene bag for their merchandises.

Tax returns

In warrantee period, Diamond Foam replace foam mattress with froth mattress when it is damaged.


Servicess of Diamond Foam are given below.

Traveling beyond traditional service, to supply province of the art client attention experience, and want to gain client ‘s trueness by presenting services that anticipate their demands.

Diamond Foam is invariably looking for ways to better their service by listening to clients, supervising public presentation and following the best pattern.


Guarantee that is given to clients are given below.

Customer relaxation is intensified by the fact that every merchandise is sold with dependable warrant and superior category after-sales services.

Diamond Foam take pride to be the finest mattresses company, who besides adheres to its doctrine to supply superior after-sale service by giving the dependable warrant that looks after your comfort twelvemonth after twelvemonth.

They repair or replace your mattress, this warrant continues from the original day of the month of purchase.

Diamond Foam besides gives warrant on stitches pulled out of the grip where sewn to the mattress.

Customers warrant is valid for original buyer merely and it protects you from the twenty-four hours you purchase your mattress or complete slumber system, and continues harmonizing to the “ Guarantee Period ” specified.


All trade names of Dolce Vita ( Pocket Spring ) , Duet and Dolce Vita ( Bonnell Spring ) , except Supreme Jacquard Fabric and Supreme, are discounted 23 % for traders and distributers. Supreme Jacquard Fabric and Supreme are discounted by 15 % .


Diamond Foam gives guarantees to their clients from 10 old ages to 12 old ages.

Payment Time periods

Diamond Foam gives a payment period to their clients up to 3 months.

Recognition Items

Diamond Foam sells their point usually on hard currency footing but sometimes gives on recognition to peculiar clients.

Topographic point


Diamond Foam has coverage to Pakistan, Dubai, Afghanistan and Egypt.


Diamond Foam has different distribution centre in and outside Pakistan, which provide froth to end-users.


Diamond Foam ne’er faces a job of stock out because one twenty-four hours works work in a twenty-four hours bring forth stock list for 2 hebdomads.


Diamond Foam has 150 trucks, which provide froth to traders and distributers.



Diamond Foam spends 10 % of gross revenues yearly on advertizement and uses all agencies for communicating ( e.g. hoardings, Television, wireless, etc ) for advertise their froth.

Gross saless Promotion

Diamond Foam gives different rates of price reduction to distributers on different trade names.

Operational Schemes of Diamond Foam

Diamond Foam provides standardised froth in big measure ( aggregate production ) , continuously improves their operations and procedures. Sometimes they do mass customization ( in footings of size and smoothness, which is described by clients ) . Diamond Foam has no computer-integrated design for design of froth. Diamond Foam has skilled labour ( occupation store ) and all workss are automated ( dedicated transportation lines ) and parts are non group together before the operation because one adult male can run works. Operations section is responsible for doing extremely economical, efficient and client oriented operations from reception of merchandises to safe storage and onward despatchs to clients ( traders ) seasonably and expeditiously.

How Diamond Foam make froth

First of all they gather natural stuffs ( PPG, TDI and accelerators ) . Three of them add in one tubing and after this heat is given to their mixture and after this solution is spread by air and froth will be generated.

Core Functions

Following are core maps of Diamond Foam ‘s operations section:

Merchandise Grosss

Handling & A ; Storage


Cordial reception

Operation Department

Buying Schemes of Diamond Foam

Diamond Foam purchases natural stuffs from many providers ( multiple sourcing ) of Korea, Taiwan and China. The basic natural stuff used in the procedure is Polypropylene Glycol ( PPG ) , Toluene Di Isocynate ( TDI ) and many accelerators. Monetary value of natural stuffs ( PPG and TDI ) is based on monetary value of rough oil ( $ 100/barrel ) . TDI monetary values have increased up to 35 % since last 10 months. The primary map of the Diamond Foam ‘s buying section is to buy the supplies, stuffs, equipment and services required to see that maximal value is obtained for each rupees spent. Specific duties, responsibilities and maps of Diamond Foam ‘s buying section are as under:

Policies and Procedures

Develop buying aims, policies, plans and processs for the purchase and undertaking for all stuffs, supplies, equipment and services.


Prepare and assemble specifications and proficient demands.

Consolidation & A ; Bulk Purchasing

Explore the possibilities of purchasing “ in majority ” to take full advantage of measure price reductions. Harmonizing to the state of affairs, Diamond Foam can buy twice the natural stuff than demanded due to fluctuations in the monetary values of crude oil merchandises.


Work with other sections to set up standardisation of stuffs, supplies and equipment where practicable within a competitory environment.

Conformity with Torahs

Insure that all purchases are made in conformity with applicable legislative acts, regulations, ordinances and policies.

Improper for employees

Improper for employees to buy any stuffs, supplies, equipment, or do any contract with anyone without the consent/permission of buying section.


Pixel was established in 1956. with the proficient coaction of M/S AEG, West Germany. It is the oldest composite electrical equipment-manufacturing unit of Pakistan with the object of ab initio bring forthing transformers, switchgears and electric motors. In 1962 after decision of joint venture understanding with AEG, entire shareholding was purchased than by patrons M/S Malik Brothers Limited.

Competitive Precedence:


Low cost


Consistent quality with high category contraption public presentation.


A batch of volume, equipment and work force flexibleness is present.


Here a icebox is operationally/ functionally tested. It is operated for a whole twenty-four hours.


Here the quality confidence is checked. The icebox is checked technically and physically by quality control.

Packing material Section: –

Now the icebox is ready for packing after quality control look intoing. So the iceboxs are packed harmonizing to their theoretical accounts and colourss, and delivered to the Storeroom.


Pel is in a seasonal concern since the demand season for their merchandise is from April to September. PEL direction estimates the demand really carefully and attempts to avoid the pilling of the stock list. Production of PEL leap in Feb. to April and they need more Inventories in this season. To maintain the operating expense charges low PEL has a little no of lasting workers which -work through out the twelvemonth. However to run into the demand of the extremum season the direction engage the workers at the impermanent footing merely before the start of the season.


Optimum replenish stock list system is used by PEL. In more proficient footings the minimal degree serves as reorder point.

For pull offing the Inventory of different types, The Company divides the stock list into two wide classs.

Raw stuff Inventory

Finished goods Inventory


In every section PEL has got several machines which are used in the production of assorted contraptions and electrical equipment whose capacity is measured in term of the end product steps.


In the whole production procedure there are certain phases which are more clip devouring than the others. So this limits the out put rate to a minimal degree to that which was expected. In the procedure of the icebox fabricating the constriction is created at the thermo foaming machine. In the procedure ; from base devising to the wadding at the phase of the foaming this constriction is created.



On the mean each section has the capacity shock absorber which varies from 5 % to 15 %

Economies OF SCALE

PEL is seeking to cut down its cost through basking the economic systems of graduated tables in his procedures. Because of the buying in the majority and utilizing the activities as the step of the operating expense charges PEL has been successful in cut downing

The cost of stuffs

The cost struck in the procedures

The cost in the operating expense.

B )

Warburtons pull offing the supply concatenation to run into client demands:

Warburton ‘s is a household house founded in 1870s. It is the 2nd largest food market trade name in UK. Its chief focal point is on quality non measure. It holds a market portion of 25 % of wrapped staff of life which makes it a market leader. It produces about two million of bakeshop merchandises daily due to which there is an mundane fresh supply of adust merchandises in the market.

Warburton ‘s have divided their economic system into three sectors ; primary, secondary and third.

The primary sector involves, the turning and extraction of natural stuffs, like grains. Warburton ‘s work with the husbandmans of UK and Canada to acquire a really good quality of grain/wheat.

Secondary sector trades with change overing the roll uping natural stuff, that is, wheat into flour and so eventually flour into staff of life. From 50 old ages, Warburton ‘s are working with Millers which convert their wheat into quality flour. Then this flour is used to bake quality staff of lifes. Many modern techniques are used to absolutely bake staff of life and guarantee quality.

Third sectors bridges other houses and clients with Warburton ‘s. Tertiary sector is largest in UK as compared with primary and secondary. Warburton ‘s have more than 900 bringing vehicles, which guarantee a fresh supply of staff of life in market every twenty-four hours. It uses package to guarantee efficiency of this fleet. ( thetime100: Warburtons )

Entire Quality Management:

Any company in the universe can acquire 100 % client satisfaction and the default can be minimized to zero by utilizing entire quality direction.

Nissan: ( thetime100: Nissan )


Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK is the UK ‘s largest auto fabrication works. It is besides the most productive works in Europe. This success is due to careful planning and design.

Entire Quality Management ( TQM )

TQM is a cardinal characteristic of Nissan ‘s manner of working. It means that everyone ‘s focal point is on quality at all times. It is a manner of operating that requires people to take on an ‘improvement civilization ‘ where everyone is looking for ways to better.

Merely in clip

This means that production happens merely as it is needed. Cars are produced as clients need them ; constituents arrive as assembly lines need them, and so on. In this manner, production is more efficient and there is no hard currency tied up in stocks – either of natural stuffs or finished goods. Every vehicle is electronically monitored at all phases of production so that its advancement can be checked.


In such a high engineering environment it is of import that people are trained. NMUK ‘s preparation section concentrates on both proficient and people development, supplying chances for all employees.


Kaizen means ‘continuous betterment ‘ . It means that Nissan believes that even the smallest alteration can do a difference. Improvements are normally suggested by little squads, who meet to portion thoughts for betterments.

Unison: ( thetime100: Unison )

Every homo has a right to be healthy and work in an environment where he/she is safe. Trade unions, like UNISON provides workers with their rights, wellness and safety.

UNISON ( the populace service trade brotherhood ) was formed in 1993, and presents it is UK ‘s largest trade brotherhood. Its chief focal point is on supplying workers with their rights, wellness and safety. It is a amalgamation of three public sector brotherhoods in which two-third work force consists of adult females. It has been observed that in presence of UNISON ‘s safety representatives, ratio of accidents and decease is decreased by half.

UNISON plays an of import function in workplace, like supplying higher benefits ( wages, compensations etc. ) to the workers with excess vacations.

It cares for the cleansing staff ( as they are covering with higher rate of accidents ) , looks after the catering ( by bettering nutrient degrees in schools and infirmaries etc. )

UNISON ‘s statute law consists of two types of laws/clause ; one is the HASAWA act 1974 ( which bounds the employer to care and cipher hazard for employee ‘s safety ) and other law/clause binds the employee to look after itself and workers around him/her for their safety.

UNISON ‘s point of view is to supply long permanent wellness and safety for the workers. It focuses on adult females wellness and safety, cut downing force, intimidation, inactive smoke and minimising the emphasis of the workers.

Capacity Planning:

Nissan: ( thetime100: Nissan )


Car assembly is a complex operation with many constituents necessitating skilled assembly.

That ‘s a rough indicant of what is involved. Management are peculiarly acute to supervise entire machine-hours and entire labour-hours that each vehicle requires.

So far, Nissan has invested over ?2.1 billion in the Sunderland site, taking its production capacity to 500,000 vehicles per twelvemonth.

Production methods must be able to bring forth what clients want, in the measures clients require, at a monetary value consumers are willing to pay, and at a cost that yields a net income to the concern. That means that being efficient is critical to success.

In some industries it is possible to transport out single occupation production to run into a peculiar client ‘s petition e.g. a nuptials frock, a birthday bar, a fitted kitchen. However, really about all of the universe ‘s auto makers mass bring forth standard theoretical accounts, with single consumer pick being accommodated by offering assorted colorss, interior designs, and optional supernumeraries within a limited flexible production procedure. Peoples can still personalize their autos further e.g. by taking a peculiar auto enrollment or accoutrements.

In chase of high end product at low mean cost, auto fabrication typically uses a uninterrupted flow production method, where sub-assemblies are brought together in a concluding assembly country. This is the most cost effectual and efficient method of production and the velocity of the concluding assembly line can be adjusted to fit consumer demand. If demand picks up, the production line can be accelerated, within predefined bounds.

At NMUK, the production flow draws on three chief production stores, every bit good as support countries. The three chief stores are:

organic structure assembly


concluding assembly.

Supporting fabrication countries are:

imperativeness store – produces panels for the vehicles

plastics shop – makes bumpers ( wings ) on site

castings shop – makes engine parts e.g. cylinder caputs

engine store – assembles engines, installs oil, coolant fuel

axle works – produces axles that are joined to engines in concluding assembly.

Widely different procedures generate different occupations across three chief wide countries.

The machinery is scheduled to work at a given degree although when demand requires it ; there is flexibleness in respect to both the machinery and the work force of 4,300. At the minute, with a two-shift form, NMUK has a entire production capacity of around 360,000 units/year – a 3rd displacement can be introduced which would take production up to 500,000 units/year if and when required.

Performance Measurement: ( thetime100: cocacola )

In any concern activity it is of import to be able to mensurate the success of schemes and operational activities. Measuring public presentation is the best manner of measuring how effectual schemes and enterprises have been, with a position to doing appropriate accommodations. Administrations need to mensurate and describe public presentation against stated purposes contained in a concern program, eg day-to-day end product, employee turnover. The concern will be given to mensurate and measure merely those facets of its concern over which it has control. Ideally these measurings should besides be benchmarked so that everyone can see how public presentation compares with others.

‘Coca-Cola ‘ utilizations elaborate sets of public presentation indexs for many countries of its activities, including its work to advance societal duty. Community public presentation indexs include:

Impact ratings of community programmes. These include indexs of educational attainment every bit good as of environmental sweetening and preservation.

Perception steps of the Company as a good neighbor.

Inventory Management: ( inventorymanagement.com )

Inventory direction is chiefly about stipulating the size and arrangement of stocked goods. Inventory direction is required at different locations within a installation or within multiple locations of a supply web to protect the regular and planned class of production against the random perturbation of running out of stuffs or goods. The range of stock list direction besides concerns the all right lines between replenishment lead clip, transporting costs of stock list, plus direction, stock list prediction, stock list rating, stock list visibleness, future stock list monetary value prediction, physical stock list, available physical infinite for stock list, quality direction, refilling, returns and faulty goods and demand prediction.

degree Celsius ) Pixel

does non hold proper stock list planning by the direction due to which heavy sum of the money is being put by the company in the inventory.PEL has the strength besides that it has a good reputation for the company as being the quality witting company. It has ain experts for the intent of the control of the quality of merchandises. Due to the good sight choice for the intent of the power division the company has more entree to the whole of the markets of the state. The company besides has good established system of the distribution of the company although it is non the incorporate one but it is working swimmingly.

The company should besides do some of the methods for the intent of the maintaining the stock list at the optimum degree. Proper planning of the stuff can diminish the sum of the investing in the stock lists by the company. The direction of this company does non utilize the sophisticated technique while doing or executing the map of the demand prediction by the company. They rely more on the judgmental methods for the intent of the projection by the company about their gross revenues.

In Diamond Foam the preparation is given to workers for developing their accomplishments for future. The publicity based on consistent with occupation. Training is given on following footing.

Identify the spread in public presentation of the employees

Compile item of employee require preparation

Identify the countries of preparation

Identify the accomplishments of trainees.

Train the employee

Management assesses the preparation plan ‘s success or failure.

Benefits for employees

Benefits for employees provided by Diamond Foam are as under.

Medical allowances given by the company to the campaigner

Lunch and dinner installation for employees

Apron, baseball mitts and other demands related to production of froth mattress will be provided by the company

Uniforms provided by the company to helpers/guard

Health and Safety policies

Health and safety policies are described by Diamond Foam are given below.

Production country should be clean

First assistance should be provided in instance of any exigency

Proper airing system/ exhaust fans to keep the temperature

In instance of any fire there should be fire asphyxiator and an issue door in mill and different offices

Electric wires should be placed as no wires come under pess. Wire should be right placed


I have researched both companies and I have gained much knowledge about different facets, operations, models in both organisation Diamond Foam and PEL.Both are utilizing different types of stock list direction, Total Quality managemeny, supply concatenation design, public presentation steps, capacity planning.

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