Did Christianity Cause the Fall of Rome?

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Did Christians cause the fall of one of the greatest empires ever in the history of the world? How could Christians do that? Questions that need answers are How was Rome built? Why were Christians persecuted? What the Christians did to the country and the culture.

Starting off, how was Rome built and what was the foundation of Rome?

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The country of Rome was built on two things, their powerful army and that all of their gods ruled and the people had to obey them. The Roman army was the most powerful army of that time. They could basically do whatever they wanted to do. The powerful army took over many other countries. They became used to doing as they pleased.

The second thing they built their country on was that their many gods set the standards. The people had to obey every rule or standard that the gods made. One of those standards was that the people had to believe in all of the gods, not just one. That law contradicted the belief of the many Christians.

Next, why were the Christians hated so much that they were killed for entertainment?

The reason they were hated was because they only believed in one God and didnt believe in all of the gods that were a part of the culture. A common misconception is that the Christians were hated because they believed in the one true God, but it was really because they loved only one God and hated all the others. Many people of that time believed in God, but they also believed in all the other ones, or at least excepted them.

Also God was suppose to be ruler over all, which meant that God was over Caesar and that was illegal. But what the Romans didnt understand, was that even though the Christians were being killed, people were still remaining strong and believing in the one God. It confused them greatly. They didnt understand why they would believe in something that would get them killed. Also the population of the Christians grew rapidly. But not only did they grow but they also greatly impacted the great and powerful country of Rome.

Last, what did the Christians, and what was done to them, do to the government?

One of the things it did to them was it corrupted the government and the culture. The people began to be more and more violent. The culture was easily influenced. Another thing it did was that it contradicted the original standards that there was only one God. With more and more people believing the government was wrong, the base of Rome eventually collapsed. As you can see, Christians did play an important role of the decline and eventual collapse of Rome.

Rome was built from the beginning with the concept that there were many gods. The reason the Christians were hated was not because they honored God, but was because they only honored one God. What that eventually did to the government was to break its original standards that were the base of the country. With that base breaking, Rome broke as well. So in a way, Christians did cause Rome to fall because they introduced them to the belief of one God.

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