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Difference Between Denmark and England

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Differences between English and Danish culture based on the trip to England with my class A12. The first thing you note is that the cars are driving on the left side of the road, where we in Denmark drive in the right side. It was strange to sit in the bus and see how the traffic system is different from that in Denmark. When we were walking around in the streets I couldn’t figure out how the system worked. Somehow it was just like home but still there were things that were different.

Many times we just walked across the street even though the traffic light was red.

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Difference Between Denmark and England
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In Manchester many of the women had very outstanding hair colors, some had green, some pink and some even blue hair color. It was fun to watch because in Sonderjylland you do not see so many with an outstanding hair color, in the last years I have only seen one in Denmark.

I remember that the students finished the school day at four o’clock. At our school there are no lessons to four o’clock, the latest lesson finish at three twenty. I do not know if they have so long days all days. And then there is English breakfast.

The breakfast contains eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and a lot of other things, that is not something you get in Denmark every morning and it is not often in the weekends. At cafes in Denmark you can get a big breakfast, but then there are some things that you do not find in and English breakfast and the other way around. People say they drink a lot of tea in England. I do not know if that is true because I did not see a lot of Brittans drink tea, but one from my class bought a cup of tea and said it tasted very good. I do not think the English and the Danish culture are so different but there are small things we do differently.

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