Difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict

Functional Conflict Susie Steel is a frailty president in a existent estate development house called Hearts Development. She has spent tremendous sums of energy cultivating a relationship with a local town sing an available secret plan of land.

Susie would wish to buy the land to construct townhomes for sale. She has developed an first-class relationship with the town politicians and community members. An issue has developed over the planned use of the land. though.

The town will sell the land to Susie’s company but feels that townhomes would be bad for the overall community.They’re concerned with the extra cost and load of childs that the townhomes would convey into the community. Susie understands the community’s concern and wants a win-win state of affairs to happen. She feels that this issue will be a functional struggle due to the fact that the dissension will convey a positive terminal consequence to both parties.

Positive consequences of functional struggle include: Awareness of both sides of issues Improvement of working conditions due to carry throughing solutions together Solving issues together to better overall morale Making inventions and betterments within an organisation In Susie’s instance. constructive unfavorable judgment and treatment resulted in a via media and a solution between the parties.Susie understood the town’s concern but needed to happen something to construct that would convey gross for the company. Through their joint meetings.

the terminal solution was for Hearts Development to construct a retirement community. which would merely hold citizens 55 and over life in the town. This would extinguish the issue of holding more immature people come into town and burthen the school system.

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