Divergent and Convergent Thinking Essay

1)Are divergent thinking and convergent thinking mutually exclusive or complementary? Why? Are there situations in which one way of thinking is clearly superior? How can two ways of thinking be combined?

            There are two forms of thinking that is used by humans. The first form of thinking is the convergent type of thinking in which the human is able to draw thoughts based on facts. There is no numerous answers to one question. There is an absolute truth and there is a right answer.

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This is very different from divergent type of thinking because divergent type of thinking allows drawing more answers and these answers may be contradicting of the other. Divergent thinking allows one to think creatively, to use his imagination so he could expand his knowledge. There can be no right answer.

            The two forms of thinking are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They can be complementary. There are many situations wherein the two forms of thinking can be combined.

In divergent thinking, most of the time, convergent thinking is employed. In looking for the best answer, the first thing that humans do is to choose the best option and eliminate the bad ones by basing their judgment on facts. Information are gathered to come up with only one answer. This answer is not yet the best answer but can be used to expand our understanding of the matter. This one fact can be used to branch off to new ideas. It is good to apply both forms of thinking so we could have broader knowledge. Sometimes, though, we utilize one more than the other. For example, when taking exams that are objective, we employ convergent thinking. Divergent thinking is more used than convergent, for example, when the question requires creative thinking and seeks opinion of the person.

2)Explain the different theories in regards to motivation and emotions. Explain which theory is most closely aligned with your personal view of motivation/emotions and give an example of how your view assists in your life.

            There are many theories in regards to motivation and emotions. These theories explain or, somehow, predict what drives humans to do such actions. It relates the emotions or wants/desires and needs of humans to their motivation in life. The ERG theory explains the needs for existence, relatedness and growth. The fundamental thing that moves us is the need to survive so we do things to protect our existence. Then, we find ways to satisfy our social needs because it also gives us sense of identity, belongingness, and satisfy our esteem. We also seek growth and development because it makes us feel fulfilled and accomplished. This theory is the most closely aligned with my view on motivation. I do things which will make my existence secured so I study which will soon allow me to be employed and compete with other people. I also do think that once I have become accomplished, I would look for more activities which will make me become more accomplished. There is a never-ending desire to have growth.


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