Dnata — One of the Largest Air Travel Services Supplier

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In Middle East area, Dnata is one of the largest air travel services supplier. It also has its services internationally. It provides services mainly in three foundations: Travel services, Ground Handling and Cargo. For these three divisions Dnata has specific business systems which include online booking. Worldwide Dnata operates 20 airports in nine countries for ground Handling. Dnata is an organization which runs on the fact of Total Quality Management. It is committed to put high efforts in order to get continuous improvement in all fields. They measure every shipment’s process or sub process against a specific standard of time and thus obtained gaps or faults are improved and used as opportunities for TQM.

The main strength of the Dnata is its experience which stretched its events to the Europe, Africa, North America and to many other countries. It has a diverse range of industries to work. It has acquired a better understanding of a wide range of businesses and has successfully developed a relationship among them. It’s another strength is its training program which make its employees to perform to high potential.

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As Dnata is performing well in its field but it has some weakness which is suppressing its spirit to move forward like Dnata never allowed its employees to raise their voice which is a negative factor for organization benefit. Apart from this, it has some kind of fear which stops it to invest in other countries to move its business forward.

Dnata has wide opportunities in its work area. Now days Dnata has covered many nations to provide its travel services, although there are several countries which are untouched by Dnata. Dnata can approach all countries throughout the world as it has enough investment to make and also has good reputation in this field. Apart from worldwide expansion they have high opportunities in improving services at regional areas as there is high consumer presence in these areas. Also they can broaden the product range in their regional areas. Threat

As Dnata serves air travel services. Now days, Toll Dnata is introducing to airline workers. In this individual contracts are given to ground handlers at a flat rate which reduces the industries cut and wages. But this is encouraging a huge dissatisfaction among the workers which may lead to organizational instability. Beside this, safety is always a challenge/threat to all airline industries.

In this analysis, price of services provided by Dnata is analyzed. The price offered by the Dnata is very reasonable. They offer several services over a wide price range. Customers can buy any service according to their price limit. They can buy any product according to their price suitability. To provide better services at reasonable rate they have provision for discounts on services depending on their terms and conditions.

Dnata provides several types of services. They provide services in the fields of ground handling, training, technology and in-flight. There are different services in each field. In ground handling they have passenger services, cargo services, ramp services, security services, line maintenance etc. Again in ‘in-flight’ field they provide flight catering and flight safety services. In addition to these services, in the field of training and technology they provide services to proper functioning of airline.

This analysis shows the place of services provided. Dnata provides the services throughout the world. Even though Dnata’s main area of interest is Middle East. In Middle East Dubai is its centre point. It manages its all events from Dubai. In Middle East, other areas of interests are Afghanistan, the UAE, Oman, Qatar etc. Dnata has expanded its service places to Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. South America and Antarctica are only two continents left where Dnata couldn’t provide their services.

Dnata has made its popularity worldwide. Even then it is necessary to promote its services through advertising and sales promotion. As it changes its services offers frequently depending upon several factors. So it is necessary to advertise its services so that each offer can come in knowledge of customers. These promotions are done by advertising through several websites.

Dnata is performing excellently in its field. It is the result of its intelligent efforts and sustained struggle. For success of an organization a deep thought to its strategic plans is necessary. Dnata’s long period of success run is a combined result of their systematic implementation of strategies and constant concentration on continuous improvement.

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