Do Video Games Make You More Violent

“I know, it’s hard to wrap your head around such a fact of after years of listening to ‘don’t sit too close to the TV, you’ll ruin your eyes,’ or ‘stop wasting your time playing video games—go outside!(’” Everyone that plays video games has heard these sayings sometime during their life. Most parents are hard on their children about playing for many hours. However, many hours of video games actually pay off. Credible sources have actually proven that video games improve the eyesight. Although many people think that video games have a negative impact on people, they are actually positive because real research has shown that playing them actually does have health benefits.

Video games have been around for many years. The very first game was invented by a British professor, A.S. Douglas, in 1952. Douglas created OXO, which is known for noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe. However, in 1958 another professor created a game on a computer. This was a tennis for two game. In 1962 Steve Russell, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, invented the very first combat game. He named his game Spacewar. This was a computer based space combat video game for the PDP. The PDP was produced in 1959 and was the first computer in Digital Equipment. This was the original hardware for playing histories first game on a minicomputer. This was the very first game that was able to be played on multiple computer installations. As technology began to evolve more video games came to life. Not only on computers, but on consoles. The very first console was known as The Brown Box. The Brown Box was invented in 1967 by developers in Sanders Associates Inc. This project was lead by Ralph Baer. Ralph Baer was known for the father of video games. The Brown Box was a multi-program video game system that could be played on television ( Threw out the 1970’s and the 1980’s, the video game industry has complete many milestones. For example the release of Space Invaders, The launch of the first third party game developer, Activision, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and the world’s first flight simulator (

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Nowadays the video game industry is blowing up with new and upcoming video games. Today some people might own the most modern consoles such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox 1, or the Nintendo Switch. Not only have they blew up on consoles but on Computer games and Mobile Devices also. “Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds mobile device game (and, later Angry Birds animated movie), reportedly made a whopping $200 million.” ( The video game industry not only blew up for their games, but they also hold events for their fans. Sony has their own station for their fans to come and try their upcoming games. This happens once a year at an event called E3. E3 isn’t the only popular event out there. Gaming Events also take huge part in the video game industry. The Gaming events are where gaming clans could come and compete for money and fame. Major League Gaming Corp. is a professional eSports organization.There are many gaming clans that stand out, for example Optic Gaming, Faze Clan, Cloud 9, Luminosity, Team EnVyUs, and compLexity. These teams compete against each other on various games. The most popular one would be Call of Duty. These events could be watched at home or if you want to live the experience you could go and watch it live at a Game Center.

Video game developers cannot just invent a top seller. Video games also require to have certain laws. Copyright is a huge law in the video game industry. For new or upcoming game developers have to think ahead of the game they are creating. They have to show originality towards their paperwork. If the work is indeed original and licensed, it will then become critical because everyone could now see the work and might try to steal it for themselves. Not only does that apply to video games but business matters, contracts, employment and independent contractor agreements, and many other legal considerations also apply towards them.

Video games aren’t just pixels that people can move around in their screen. Video games actually prove to have a role in life. Not only does it improve health benefits but it also makes people interact with others around the world. Each video game is a new world for the players eyes. Each video game has its own unique community. A Community is where players can come together and complete certain challenges. It is also for the player to share his/her thoughts about the game or even give feedback to the creators. This is a huge role in someone’s daily life because you get to interact with . people around the world. Become friends with people from different cultures. As silly as it might sound, you could potentially meet your future wife or girlfriend in a video game. It may also help you overcome your fear of speaking with others. Also it would help with your team working skills. Some video games have the option to play with multiple people at once. Someone in the team at some point will have to take role in being the leader and help the others to win the game. As a team you are able to solve more puzzles, because each player has certain skills. For example player 1 might be the best strategic player, player 2 might be the best problem solver, player 3 could the best fighter, and player 4 could be the best defender. The list could go on forever because everyone in the world has different skills, everyone is different. Each community you contribute into is basically your video game family. Players could take a role in several communities. Which means they will have countless friends, and people to interact with.

Video games aren’t pointless, they actually help with your health. From improving reaction time, thinking skills, eyesight, and time management. People usually think that video games because all you do is sit down and do nothing but move your fingers. Maybe several hours of straight video games isn’t good fr you, but if you take a break from there and now you should be fine.Ever since technology was being upgrading, everything was being upgraded. Starting from mobile devices, computers, consoles, and smart tv’s. Back then our technology was able to connect several people at the same time, but nowadays we have millions connected to the same game playing at the same time. Not only connected from the internet but also from several controllers on the same console. Today you are able to connect four people to play with you at the same time. Video games have come along way, from just being able to play by yourself on tiny screen of a computer, from being able to play with multiple people at the same time around the world.

Video games aren’t easy to make as a game developer. They have to go through several components into making it. First they have to come up with what type of game they want to develop. They have countless choices, from a thinking game, war game, role playing game, sports game, card game, and a racing game. They might even considered making a new type of game that hasn’t been seen yet. Once they have a good plan they could begin to code it. They might wanna start from making a mobile game first, just to get a feeling of all the different mechanics. Then they will advance ito making 3D models. The models being the characters, buildings, cars, animals, walls, water, etc. They will then begin to use different kinds of programs to advance. For example, Game Programming A to Z, Game Development Crash Course with Corona SDK, and Once the game is almost complete they have game testers to try the game out for them. If somethings wrong or if the game is buggy they could report it. If they don’t get game testers, they could release it to the public and they could try it. They wouldn’t release the full game though. They would have to release something that is called a beta or alpha game. A beta or alpha is basically a pre version of the full game for people to test and report issues. This is where the communities of the video games would take part in.

Many people in today’s society think videos games are a waste of time. There are people who think, mostly parents, that videogames are responsible for the school shootings this year. Video games might be violent and show or teach kids some violent things while they play. It also depends on what type of game they’re playing. Most people like the fighting and war games. These games allow you to move your character around with a gun, and your objective is to simply kill the opposing team. The war games are typically the same, the only thing that will change will be the year the game is being played in. There are many other games for people to play, if they don’t enjoy war games they could always play adventure or role playing games. Role playing games are where you could act out or perform the part of a person or character. Adventure games are similar to survival games. When you first start a new game you start with nothing, but as you play more you begin to level up and get more gear to help you. Video games shouldn’t be the reason for what’s going on in the real world, for example the school shootings. Yes, war games are violent and show things that a child shouldn’t see. However those video games are Rated-M for mature. Which means children under 17 won’t be able to purchase these types of games. Which only means there parent or guardian purchased it for them. Whatever the child learns from the video game, the parent/guardian should take full responsibility. This why some games are Rated-M for mature, and there are others that are Rated-E for everyone. Rated-E for everyone are games that are typically sport, adventure, survival, racing, and role playing games. Not only do some video games teach violence, but some of them teach you a lesson or just help your health issues. Your eye sight and reaction time could be improved from playing different types of games. If someone feels alone or doesn’t have anyone to talk to, they could just log into their account and begin to play. They could run into new people trying to achieve the same trophy and from there they could become friends and continue playing other games with each other.

In some views video games could make a bad influence. Anyone could learn bad things from them, depends on what game. Some might say Grand Theft Auto is a bad influence for kids, because of the actions you’re able to do. kids/adults might want to try something they learned in the video game into real life. For instance, they could rob someone’s car in the car, and the player might think it’s that easy in real life. This could lead to several consequences or injuries. Video games might lead someone to do bad things or could make them antisocial. Addiction is defined as ‘The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something. Anyone who has really been into video games has experienced this. Kids and adults alike think about getting home and playing games. They also spend a great deal of time reading gaming magazines, participating in online gaming forums, looking for future game releases, and of course, spending countless hours playing games. When they aren’t doing any of these things, they’re wishing they were. Instead of taking a trip, mountain biking, or hanging out with friends at a cafe, gamer’s spend their time in a virtual reality. Whereas real life experiences bear long lasting friendships and memories, videos games do not. The only pictures that come from video games are screenshots, and the memories that are created from playing those games are ultimately meaningless. Living means interacting, growing, learning, teaching, and loving — none of which can be accomplished in the virtual wasteland of video games. These are reason of what video games can affect someone.

Some video games could cause problems but it all depends on who is playing them. In truth nothing is bad for you in moderation. Parents and politicians will always want to something like video games for their turning out bad. The truth however is that games aren’t bad, they are just a way to relax when coming home from work and a good way to do things that you can’t in real life like Forza..

Parents are far too happy just to give their kids a game if it will keep them quiet for a few days. Parents need to understand that they should take more of an interest in their child’s life. you say by playing games you won’t get your homework done. Well how about sitting down with your child and helping them with their homework.

When you say you won’t get any excursus by playing video games, well how about you and your child go and play football or go swimming. There’s nothing wrong with video games, just as long as you do other things as well.

Allot of people say video games are too violent. Yes video games can be very violent but that doesn’t make your child violent. I’ve been playing games since i was 6 and at that age even i knew that there’s a difference between fantasy and reality you just need to teach that to your kids. Try playing the games with them, That way you can have some bonding time with your kids and it will help you see what all the fuss is about.

If you are so fussed about games being so violent then you can always use the parental settings on the consoles. Every console these days have parental settings which can limit what games can be played, check the console manual on how to use them and for computers just use the help menu for info. As for buying games, games all have age ratings just like films and just like with films the cashier will not sell them to people under the age on the box so if you buy your kid a game look at the age rating and decide whether your kids are mature enough to play it

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