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Essay – Violence in Video Games

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There is a growing phenomenon that threatens our safety every minute.Violent video games are causing our children to be aggressive monsters.If we allow these games to continue, there will be more school shootings and more mad men with weapons.Violent video games cause aggressive behavior.This must be stopped.The violent games cause aggression, are too violent, and are worst than other media because they are interactive. It is a fact that violent games cause aggression.Studies have proved this over and over again.

For example one study concentrates on the effects of video games on children’s play behavior.The study had two sets of boys; one set had the boys play a violent game and the other set of boys played a game where the boys raced a motorcycle against the clock.When the boys were put in a room together, the boys that played the violent video game were observed as more aggressive than the boys that played the motorcycle game (McCarthy).

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Essay – Violence in Video Games
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This means that the violent games played by the boys cause them to become more aggressive.This would be alright if they only played it once, but according to David Welsh, PhD, the more exposure to violent media, the more the person will want to use the media.Therefore the more the person plays a video game, the more the person will want to play the game.This will mean desensitization or acceptance of violence will increase the amount of violence people are willing to use.Some games are so bad that they make killing people fun.For example the game Max Payne had an adult reviewer from a Christian website says that he enjoyed killing.The very Christian reviewer was so engrossed in the violence in the game that it became fun to him (Long).This is a scary thought because if an adult who denounces all types of violence and has a firm grasp between fantasy and reality starts to enjoy killing people after playing a game, how will children not old enough to separate re…

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