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do we need the homeless

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Do we need the homeless and the poor? I think that the answer to this question has two different sides to it. The first side is that homelessness is a real problem in the world today and I do not believe that anybody should have a life that troublesome. I do believe that all people should be able to have a roof over there head and a job to support them and if so their families. Also I believe that if a person is struggling to make it in life that help should be provided for those who are in times of need to help them reestablish themselves in the world.

On the other side, even though homelessness is such a terrible thing in the world today if everybody in the world were all in the same social class and there was no upper, middle and lower class of people the world would not counterbalance itself. This may seem wrong but it is so because if there was no lower class of people the world would not have a good enough economy to balance one single social class.

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do we need the homeless
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Society is contributing a great deal to the homeless these days. In society today there are many private organizations that help out the homeless a great deal. All over the country and world there are organizations that feed, cloth and house the homeless. These organizations are all over and they are very helpful to the poor, it gives the people hope and it tells them that people do care about what is going on in there life and that people want them to succeed in life and to flourish. So many people in the world today are dedicated to the service of the poor and that is one of the reasons that poverty in the world has decreased in recent years.

On the issue of the church needing the poor there once again is two ways to look at the situation. Even though homelessness is a horrible thing it gives the people of the church who are more fortunate to give from what they have to the poor and help the poor get back on there feet and also if the people of the church go and help these less fortunate people that it can bring the faith of Jesus Christ back into these poor peoples hearts and give them joy in the world and hope to live on. Also this may benefit the people who are giving because if these people give to the poor it may help them see the light of God and show how powerful he is by letting us help him raise these less fortunate people up and that action alone may bring people to the faith in Jesus and it may also bring back people who are falling away from the word of the Lord.

Does Christ need the poor and the Homeless? I do not believe that Christ wants anybody to live like this and he certainly doesn’t need homeless people cause he wants all people to be equal. I know Christ wouldn’t want people to be poor but he wouldn’t be able to stop if people were going poor he would try and help them just as all people would try and help but poverty with always be I the world one way or another because even if people help every single person who is in need of assistance someone will fall throughout the cracks but people will always be there to support there fellow human being and fellow brothers and sisters in Gods house.

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