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Why People Shouldnt Do Drugs

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People take drugs because they want to change something about their lives. There are many reasons why people do drugs. They want to fit in with other people, to escape or relax, to relieve boredom, to seem grown up, to rebel or simply to experiment. They think drugs are a solution. But eventually, the drugs become the problem. Difficult as it may be to face one’s problems, the consequences of drug use are always worse than the problem one is trying to solve with them.

Many people wonder about the physical effects of drug abuse. Long term drug abuse takes a toll on the addict’s body.

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Why People Shouldnt Do Drugs
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The lungs, the teeth and even the skin are affected by the use of drugs. Some of these physical effects are reversible after the addict stops using drugs, but others are not. One noticeable physical effect of drug abuse is changes in physical appearance. The addict might experience a change in his weight over a short period of time, either gaining or losing a large amount of weight depending upon the drug of choice.

Personal hygiene is also affected, including body odor and greasy hair. The appearance of the abuser can change drastically over time as the body craves an increasing amount of the drug.

Substance abuse can lead to lasting psychological damage. Drug and alcohol abuse can permanently alter areas of the brain and make it difficult to exert self-control. The brains of people who abuse substances show alterations in parts of the mind that are critical to decision making, learning, memory and judgment. Drug addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, but family, friends, employers, and the society as well. If you are addicted to any kind of drug then the effects of this can negatively impact upon relationships, family life, education, employment, personality, financial issues, law and order, health and wellbeing.

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