Does Age Matter in Relationship

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The question of whether age matters in relationships can be approached from two main perspectives: physical and mental. From a physical standpoint, many people have preconceptions about age-gap relationships, often imagining a much older man with a much younger woman. This can lead to discomfort or disgust when considering the potential for sexual activity between the two. Additionally, there may be physical complications related to differences in genital development. However, it is important to consider that these assumptions may not always be accurate or fair.The mental aspect of age-gap relationships is also important to consider. Maturity levels and overall compatibility can play a major role in the success or failure of such relationships. While some may argue that a significant age difference can create an unbalanced power dynamic, others may argue that two people can be on the same level mentally regardless of age. Ultimately, the success of any relationship depends on the individuals involved and their ability to communicate and work together.

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“Does Age Matter? ” I have chosen to answer this with the extra added of age and relationships. I considered two main aspects when answering this question; the physical and the mental. In other words, what a human perceives when they see two people dating and the age gap is large. Then the mentality of the two who are dating and if it is able to work out well First I will explain the physicality of an age-gap relationship and aspects to consider when deciding if it is right or wrong and if it truly is “right or wrong”.

Then, just why people decide what they feel about these age gap relationships. Secondly and Lastly, I will explain the mentality in these relationships considering maturity levels and overall if the two together is on the same level. I will not consider what people think about with the maturity level. Since honestly, people don’t. When humans think of physical and relationships normally what comes to mind is sexual intercourse.

Now when thinking of sexual intercourse or sex and the “age-gap” relationship normally what also comes to mind is some forty to fifty year old man and someone of a much younger scale to the point that extreme shivering is a result. Please don’t deny this, No one automatically thinks of a fifteen and a twenty year old and that is a fact unless that is the main focus when speaking of said “age gap” relationship.

Obviously, from image one (the old man and much younger girl) it can immediately be noticed some anatomy that may cause the shiver in your bones. First off an older man even in his thirties and twenties can have problems in there anatomy that may cause complications like the fully matured genitalia to the not so fully matured genitalia. To put this as polite as possible, “Things may not fit. ” This is the part that gets a normal human squirming in there seat in disgust thinking how “morally” wrong the idea is.

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