Domain of a IT Infrastructure

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Each Domain will ensue the proper roles and tasks, responsibilities, and accountabilities are adhered to as described here in. User Domain The User Domain herein is anyone who has access to the organizational information system. The User Domain will enforce the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) by ensuring that users who can access system, applications, and data depending upon their defined access rights, to include contractors, or third parties conform to the staff manual and policies defined by the AUP. The AH-JP defines what users are allowed to do with organizational-owned IT assets.

A signature on the ALAS will be required by all users; agreeing that they will keep company’s information confidential. Violation of these rules can be grounds for dismissal. All employees to include contractors, or third parties are responsible for their use of the company’s IT assets. Criminal background checks will be conducted on all employees who hold sensitive positions. The department manager or human resources manager will be in charge of verifying an employee’s identity and making sure all users sign and follow the ASAP before allowing use of the company’s computer systems.

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Workstation Domain The desktop support group is responsible for the Workstation Domain. The Workstation Domain includes all approved computers on the company network. It requires tight security and access controls due to the fact that this is where most users connect to the IT infrastructure via. Desktop, laptop, or any other device that connects to the network i. E. , personal data assistant (PDA). Enforcing defined standards is critical to ensuring the integrity of user workstation and data.

To prevent unauthorized access to workstations, systems, applications and ATA, the IT security personnel must safeguard controls with the Workstation Domain. ; this can be achieved through constant monitoring. No personal or removable devices of any kind can be used on this network. Downloads of photos, music or other videos via the Internet are strictly prohibited. Only devices issue by the company will be allowed on the network for official use only. Human resources must define proper access controls for workers based on their job.

On many occasions users whether knowingly or unknowingly violate the AUP; this creates security risks for the organization’s IT infrastructure. As a prevention measure, Access Control Lists (Calls) will be drawn up to appropriately define what access each individual will have. IT security personnel will then assign access rights to systems, applications, and data based on this definition. Violations will call for immediate suspension of privileges and the violator will be subject to company executive decisions and/or the authorities for punitive actions.

An organization’s staff should have the access to be productive due to their tasks of configuring hardware, hardening systems and verifying antivirus files. Hardening the system is crucial in the Workstation Domain; ensuring that all computers have the latest software revisions, security patches, and system configurations will elevate desktop or laptop application software vulnerabilities. To access any computer on the network, a user will have to be verified and then setup with the proper account to be logged in with; his or her surname and password.

The IT desktop manager is accountable for allowing employees the greatest use of their Workstation Domain. The director of IT security is in charge of ensuring that the Workstation conforms to staff manuals ND policy in addition to enforcing adherence to the guidelines set forth in the AUP. LANA Domain The LANA Domain includes both physical network components and logical configuration of services for users; data closets, physical elements on the LANA, as well as authorized personnel. Authorized personnel will be properly screened for access to the IT infrastructure.

Management of physical components include that of the cabling, NICE cards, LANA switches and wireless access points (Whaps). For purposes of this document explanation are given: the workstation cabling will SE RAJA jacks to physical connect to LANA switches; the NICE interfaces between the computer and the LANA physical media; the LANA switch is the device that connects workstations into the physical Ethernet LANA, providing a dedicated Ethernet connection for workstations and servers and the wireless access point; for wireless Lana, a radio transceiver is used to transmit IP packets from a WALLA NICE to a wireless access point (WAP).

The logical components of the LANA Domain and their purposes consist of the system administration, which is responsible for setting up User LANA accounts with login ID and password. The design of directory and file services are the servers, directories, and folders to which the user can gain access; configuration of workstation and server TCP/IP software and communication protocols addresses the IP addressing, IP default gateway router, subnet mask address.

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